Friday, December 26, 2014

A Quick Stop: Macaron Café

Gossip Girl fanatics and Parisian lovers unite! Macarons have been my favorite delicate dessert for a long time now, even though for some reason I remember disliking them when I was younger. It is almost like my relationship with coffee blended drinks. I couldn't stand them when I was little, but loved them because they made me feel grown up. Today Starbucks may as well be my middle name as I am latte and frappe obsessed.

There is something so dainty about eating macarons compared to stuffing my face with Oreos. If there are tons of cafes totally dedicated to the luxury treat, that should tell you something about their rising popularity. Macaron Café has multiple locations throughout NYC, but the one that I seem to usually wind up at is the one on 36th St. and 7th Ave. It is a very tiny and quaint store with very pleasant workers. A perfect stop after long meetings and getting through the holiday crowds.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Quote It

If you are reading this I have a simple one-minute challenge for you...

Have you ever though about the real deep meaning of quotes and their motivation? With 2015 nearby, I think we should enter it with a new beginning of dreams and great prosper. Whether you want to open your own business, get into shape, do better in school, get into a new hobby, organize your wardrobe, post more on your blog, love yourself more, or whatever it is, planning and determination is the most important key. I guess you can say we should evaluate what we are currently doing, but I am sure that most people would end up starting out with the negative things about what we are doing wrong or what we wish we could be doing or what we don't like. Instead we need to flip that terminology around and focus on the good we are doing and what we can do better to improve ourselves even more. 


Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's A Hard Knock Life: Annie Premiere

(Autographs from cast members)

This past Friday was the release of the new movie Annie starring Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhane Wallis, and Cameron Diaz. I attended the red carpet premiere party and Q&A session hosted by AMC Theaters for the family and friends for the actors. The turnout was amazing and you could see all of the dedication put into this movie. Since I am far from a movie critic, I am not going to spoil it and tell you the whole plot line and spoilers as I really think anyone would enjoy watching this movie. There is no way I expected it to be like the classic Annie as it is a contemporary twist and that is why I found it so special.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Ulta Black Friday Sale: Hit or Miss?

Based on my last post, I am sure you got a small insight on how much I love Black Friday. I always loved browsing through the Ulta website, so I decided to skip the store and order it online. In the ads, they were featuring this Irresistible Beauty 72 piece makeup kit for only $14.99. Crazy huh? I had to buy it for sure, but in order to get the best deal I may have as well spent $25 in order to receive the free shipping. So I ordered their famous sculpting palate (retails for $14.99, sale $5) and automatic eyeliner (retails for $8.99, sale $5). This made the total $24.99 and it has to hit $25 before tax, so back to browsing. I then just threw in a $1.00 Tea Tree Face Mask from The Body Shop to which I did not bother picturing, but will feature in a future post. 
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