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Friday, March 13, 2015

Timeless Truth Series: #1

I think based off some of my previous beauty posts, it's obvious that I am obsessed with good home spa treatments. There are many products that are extremely effective for your skin without leaving your home. I believe that skin care treatment like this should begin at a young age to help prevent problems in the future. Timeless Truth Cosmetics America has gifted me with masks that I had been dying to tell you about. I have multiple different types which I will be reviewing in a series, along with my mom so you can hear about the varying results on different ages and skin types. This first post is specifically dedicated to testing out two of their eye masks!

The blue packet is the Hydra Intense Bio Cellulose Eye Mask which is the definition of refreshing and gently moisturizes while de-puffing the under eye area. You place it underneath your eye for 15-20 minutes and then massage the excess into your skin once removed. The biggest thing I noticed after using this one was a brighter and smoother appearance under the eye. The mask in general has a slippery feel, but will it stayed right in place when I applied it. It was also very saturated with the formula, so I felt like you were really getting the full effect. 

The second one in the orange packet is the Chamomile De-Stress Bio Cellulose Eye Mask and it is meant to relax the skin in order to release bad, trapped particles. It is made with very natural ingredients and I really did feel a soothing sensation. Both masks have a initial tingling feeling, but in a nice way. It is like you actually feel it working on your skin, which is always great!



  1. Wow, these look really cool! I like the idea of the De-Stress mask, so cool. Great review Raquel!


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  3. Such a great review! I would like to try this out :)
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  4. Oh, these look lovely! Thank you for sharing ♥
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  7. I would really love to try these, especially the Hydra Intense eye mask. Great review!


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