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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Skin Care Favorites

The only thing more complex than finding good skin care products are ones that work well together. I've been asked about how I maintain such good skin, so I decided to make a post with the products. Over the past few months, I have finally achieved a skin care routine that has been effective. Every time I used to hit a skin care isle at Ulta there was always something new and the bottle looked irresistible. In that case I usually ended up leaving with a receipt double the price than I expected.

I found trust in quality skin care products like Netrogena not only because it's the A-game of skin care, but the products are very simply made. I have been walking running to the Neutrogena section and then making a beeline to the register in order to resist the temptation of those new pink and sparkly moisturizers. This has given me the chance to discover my favorite, quality products that gives results on my skin.

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Facial Moisturizer- I have been using this baby for a long time and it is the holy grail. With it being lightweight and oil free, it is perfect all year round. There is no scent because it is made for sensitive skin. I use this every morning after I wash my face and it has done nothing but magic. No slogans are needed to sell this product. The simplicity of it is what sold me.

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser- This stuff right here is the miracle. I use it every night and it leaves you with the smoothest skin. With this you can skip makeup wipes, because this removes everything! Also, one pump is enough for your whole face so the bottle will get you a long way. I love how it gives your face that squeaky clean feeling. It actually makes me feel like I'm on the commercial when I am using it (no exaggeration there)! 

Olay Pro X Advance Cleansing System- So for my birthday I was planning on ordering one of those sonic skin systems. After Googling for ages, I kept hearing that this one has the same results for way way less of the cost than the others. I gave it a shot and have been using it every night with my cleanser mentioned above. It consists of two speeds and the brush head rotates. It gives a nice deep clean and exfoliates as well. This is a fun tool to use, but you want to make sure you use it for about only a minute to avoid over drying your skin. 

Timeless Truth Functionality Masks- I have been doing a Timeless Truth Series reviewing multiple masks along with my mom over the past weeks. These have been such amazing face masks on my skin because they are super hydrating and clears your face. All it takes is fifteen minutes to refreshed skin. Each mask has different elements to it that focus on helping your skin in different ways. They really bring up and remove all of the bad stuff from deep underneath your skin that causes blemishes or redness. They are my go-to at least once a week!

Timeless Truth Travel Pack- Being a blogger always has me on-the-go. I love using these travel packs that makes everything easy in three steps. First in the pack is the makeup removing towelette. Then you follow with the deep cleanser wipe. Last is a hydra-soothing moisturizing silk fibre mask. This mask really brightens your face after traveling infuses your skin to make it glow again!


  1. I've used the cleanser before and love it! I will have to check out these other products!


  2. It looks like you've developed a great routine. Those Timeless Truth Travel Pack's look so convenient! I might have to try them now!


  3. cute <3 I have that sonic skin system from Philips and it is so good!!!!


  4. Nice review! I think I should try neutrogena cleanser:)

    You have a good blog, following you now #132

    mynameiskristina blog

  5. Nice references! Great post :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  6. I really like Neutrogena too! They always have nice products

  7. I use the same moisturizer! I also use the first aid beauty one too :) xx

  8. Great Review Raquel thank you !


  9. Great Review Raquel thank you !



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