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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Walk Fashion Show at NYFW

I'm back with really fun show I was invited to during NYFW. I headed to Chelsea to the show location at Studio Arte. Once again I was on doing great on time and was there a little early, so I sat next door in Starbucks for a bit to hide from the rain and check on social media. I eventually went over and the crowd started to form. The show took a little while to begin, but it was very very interesting. They show featured many designers with all types of styles. I saw everything from classic garments to totally Lady Gaga inspired! It was lots of talent and entertainment in one show. Two of the designers even got engaged at the show. You have to love NYFW! 



  1. awesome!!:))

    i invite to me too

  2. Oh my! I totally love events like this. I hope I can attend to events like this. It must be fun! :)

    Rica |

  3. wow,the shoes in the 4th look are amazing,great looks too

  4. Great experience!


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