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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Feeling Festive

I am truly one of those people that are ready for the holidays faithfully before Thanksgiving. The Christmas stations have been programmed into Sirius in the car, the tree has been up for over a week now, and I'm prepping holiday event outfits. The real joy will be Thanksgiving tomorrow so I can eat all the calories I want and not care about a thing. What can possibly be better than having a huge plate of Thanksgiving dinner and dessert, followed by running into your favorite stores for sales? My bank account is about to dwindle when Cyber Monday hits, but I know exactly what I need want to buy.

With that being said, I am sure a ton of you are beginning to hunt for the perfect presents or trying to get winter-esque home decor. My OCD side comes out when it comes to keeping everything perfectly clean and I love a nice scented home. Parfums Raffy sent me a Kenneth Turner Reed Diffuser which was the perfect touch to decorate the living room. I'm not huge on candles because they can be a fire hazard, so I have always been a fan of diffusers. Before I never paid too much attention to the brand of the diffusers I used, but I now noticed a big difference in how much of a better quality the Kenneth Turner diffuser is. The first thing noticed about this one is that the smell is appropriate for any time of the year. It is a pleasing, woodsy scent that isn't too overpowering while still being noticeable throughout the whole room. The diffuser lasts about two months and the reeds don't need to be turned, making it even better!



  1. such a beautiful festive decor details! thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, it looks so magical! :)

  3. Very nice review and pics. :)
    ¡I love it! kisses

  4. Beautiful inspirations <3
    Would you like to follow each other?

  5. Your tree is beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Flower Duet

  6. I've never used a diffuser, but I've wanted one (strangely) for my closet lol. I think it'll add a nice scent layer to my wardrobe.

    I'm always ready for Christmas far before Thanksgiving as well. It's my favorite time of year, and I'm always itching to celebrate.


  7. My birthday falls on cyber monday so I am already imagining all the birthday treats ;) I love a diffuser too, the perfect way to fill your home with lovely scents!


  8. I can't believe you have your tree up already, that's awesome! You're so ready!

  9. super cute decorations :) xo

  10. Beautiful posta and very nice pic... kisses

  11. You certainly are ready for Christmas! Love the look of the oil diffuser. Great post!
    xo Kiki

  12. I'm so excited for the holidays!!! I love how you decorated everything, it really looks great.


  13. That tree looks so pretty!!!
    Diana |


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