Friday, December 30, 2016

Thank You 2016: Highlights in 12 Photos

I'm starting to believe that new year, new you is a little bit outdated. Why wait when you can make a change now? With that being said, ta-daaaaaaa!!


The blog is now looking contoured, baked, and highlighted. I hope you love the new formatting as much as I do. It took long hours and lots of caffeine to get it finished, but I am overly happy that this day has finally arrived. Go ahead and take a look around for yourself. The re-branding made everything a lot more interactive, user-friendly, and just so pretty. Also, it is perfectly formatted for mobile devices in addition to desktops. One of my favorite features has to be the new "My Current Loves of the Moment" on the home page where you can actually shop some of my favorite things.

This year was insane and a blessing for sure, but I'm ready for 2017 y'all. 2016 is starting to feel like a filled up notebook that has some good content, but lots of scribbles, crossing out, doodles, and torn pages. It is fun to look back at the beautiful chaos, but I am so ready for a clean slate. Every single month this year I was surprised with some sort of opportunity that I didn't expect to happen. I wish I could have told myself this time last year that some of those accomplishments that I always imagined completing would happen this year. That would have spared me some anxiety. These accomplishments didn't just happen to me, but us. Every email and comment makes me so happy, so thank you babes. Happy New Year! 2017, I'm comin' for you.

Below is a favorite moment (it was so hard picking just one!) that I wanted to share from each month of 2016...

January. I was official crowned the new Teen Miss New York U.S. of America. This was the beginning of the long road that would take me to nationals and all the way to ultimate crown that changed my life.

February. It's my birth-month! This year I celebrated multiple times (ohh Raquel), but the best part was my pink Hummer limo party that came to school for my friends & I. Celebrate big or go home.

March. Rachael and Raquel. The Rachael Ray Show got in touch with me to co-host segment and style my mom. I had the coolest experience being on the show and got such amazing feedback from viewers across the nation. Thank you again to Rachael and the entire staff for this opportunity of a lifetime.

April. The national pageant was only four months away and I had a ton of appearances to make with my state title. This was one of my favorite events that I appeared at because I have a thing for princess themed parties. I can't even count how many autographs I gave out and Disney songs I danced to (Let It Goooooo), but the smiles from these little girls make it all worth it. 

May. I always dreamed of having a photoshoot with one of my favorite photographers, Georgina Vaughan, and it happened in May. Georgina and the whole team are the best of the best and I won a photogenic award at the national pageant thanks to them.

June. Another precollege fashion course was in the works. This year I studied personal branding & self promotion at FIT. There is nothing better than focusing on a certain area where you excel and meeting other like-minded people with the same interests as you. Studying in NYC is an experience all its own. There is no place I would have rather been.

July. Beyond blessed. My mom and dad surprised me with a brand new car. It was certainly the best gift ever and I love driving my cute little car around. 

August. I am your Teen Miss U.S. of America 2016-2017. Months later it still feels strange saying this, but I did it. This was such a fairy tail moment, but in all reality I worked for months to make it happen. Winning this title means so much to me and so far my reign has been simply amazing. Thank you to my director and everyone who supported me on the way!

September. Another season of NYFW was down in the books. I swear if you told me that I would have ever gotten invited to fashion week years ago I would have laughed in your face. Well guess what little one, you did it (a few times)! This season was really fun and the collections were out of this world. 

October. Besides the glitz and glamour that comes along with my title there is a lot of volunteerism. October was Domestic Violence Awareness month and I got to give back to volunteer and give back to an organization. Here my friend, Chasaity, and I attended a fashion show fundraiser and had a blast helping out.

November. I was selected to be a women leader at Dutchess Community College for the Live Your Dreams Girls' Conference. It was amazing to be given such an honorable title because last time I checked I was just a seventeen year-old girl trying to figure out this world. Luckily I have a different type of mindset and I only see success. I was able to share my story with a ton of middle-school girls and they were really shocked with how many things I have achieved and I'm not an old person, as they told me. 

December. So, now it is December as I sit here and reflect. The wildest part is that I only selected one thing for each month that I thought was pretty rad and so many of these things I hoped to achieve in my lifetime, but I did a bunch in a solid year. Thank goodness I am imaginative and I have ton more goals where that came from. 2016 was very nice to me. There were people who weren't so nice to me though and I thank them all. They were the reason why I focused on myself and look at what I got done. xoxo.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's Trending: Velvet

This season velvet has been in more places than your grandma's drapes, but in every trendy clothing store that has a clue about fashion. It's just one of those fabrics that make your feel some type of way. The elegance, the luxe, oh boy I just love it. This bodycon is from Sammydress and it the most gorgeous thing ever. The shade of blue is perfect for this season and it also has a criss-cross strap detailing for an extra kick.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Accessories of the Week

I hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas (or Hannukkah, or anything else) and ate lots of food yesterday! I know I did. I'm not sure why, but yesterday didn't really feel like Christmas...maybe it was the lack of snow. Santa definitely blessed me with way too much. How did I possibly make it on the nice list...just kidding? It definitely doesn't feel like 2017 is in a few days, but I'm genuinely excited. I love when you know that there are big accomplishments/excitement coming up like graduation, beginning college, travels, and career opportunities. Then there are all of the things destined to happen which I have no idea about yet to go along. This year I realized so much and I am overly grateful that I learned from the good and bad. 


Monday, December 19, 2016


I used to have a huge phone case addiction; it was getting a little out of hand. I would legit have a case for every holiday, season, occasion you name it. Then when I upgraded phones I was back to square one and my beautiful collection was useless. Anyway, I see cases as an accessory because my phone is in my hand 99% of the time, so it is the equivalent of a nice bracelet. Re-reading the last few sentences now sounds ridiculous, but I probably don't trust you if you are one of the people with a naked, case-less iPhone. Dropping my phone is a mini-heart attack experience and my heart would be shattered if my screen got shattered.

I collaborated with CaseApp to design my own custom case which was right up my alley. I knew I wanted my initials on the case, but then when I was on their site my eyes landed on marble. All of my fellow bloggers know the marble addiction is so real. CaseApp has pre-made backgrounds that can be used, so I picked the marble with gold and black to work off of. They also have little clip-art pictures you can add in which I took advantage of. I kept seeing things I wanted to put on there until I realized that my case was starting to remind me of a person dressed head-to-toe in statement pieces, and that isn't too cute. I decided to save some ideas to make another case sometime soon (excuse to shop more) and condense it a bit. I finally ended up with the perfect case in the end. Do you love or do you love?

Now I never forget about all of you gems, so you have the chance to WIN a phone or laptop case for yourself. There are a couple ways to enter below. Good luck! xx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Use promo code "OMNIVOGUES20" for 20% off any CaseApp purchase!

Saturday, December 17, 2016


I wish it was humanly possible for me to comprehend words to describe how in love I am with these lace-up gladiator heels from Amiclubwear. They lace-up past the knee and the heel is the perfect height. Shoes like this gives you an instant feeling that you can take over the world, or at least have the best shoes at a NYE party. What a way to feel festive. 


Monday, December 12, 2016


I love the winter. My hair really despises it. Question, is it just me or does anyone else notice their hair not being as moisturized and beachy as it is when its warmer? It doesn't really help that my hair literally does not produce oil which is a blessing and a curse. Kerastraight sent and introduced me to their Ultimate Hair Oil which has been saving me. This is a blend of 9 different oils that can be used in damp or dry hair. I've been using it and I have honestly noticed such a huge difference. I only need a little bit of product to fully distribute it throughout my hair and the smell, oh my goodness, is just heavenly. I promise you will find yourself using extra just for the scent. I love a product where you can actually feel and see a difference. This is such a hair-must. I can see how it was an award winning product. Take my word for it that your hair will look luxurious daaaarling *said in a French hairstylist accent*.

What are your go-to hair products?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

All Tied Up

More than ever I have been living in chunky knit sweaters like this one from Sammydress because they are practically blankets in the form of clothing. I literally can't get enough. Then you throw boots on with that and get away with calling it an outfit on a lazy day. This would be the moment to pull out a pumpkin spice or peppermint candle and we would be "fall-ing" to its full potential. 

This is one of those outfits that is truly versatile because I can wear it to a business meeting in the morning and still be comfortable to zip to Barnes & Noble and curl up in the café, as I make an attempt to finish a pile of homework. Ah, the life of a student/entrepreneur. Where is the weekend when you need it?! Please send me prayers.

Check out Sammydress on their socials and Buyer's Showroom.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Forget Going Out, I'm Working Out

Having a wide selection of activewear clothing always keeps me motivated to workout even on the laziest of days. Of course, clothes are my motivation. I think you could ask any pageant girl or model that living a healthy lifestyle is crucial to be successful in the industry. I mean this in multiple areas including nutrition, fitness, a well-balanced schedule, and positive outlook on life. I've been super aware of these factors and it has gotten me to be a lot more in-tune with myself. Even small lifestyle changes lead to big results in the end, so I highly suggest to begin somewhere. Besides my fitness addiction, doing things like drinking a gallon of water a day and eating clean (with the frequent occasional cupcake) can make a huge difference... #Gains. The athleisure look is highly seen in my wardrobe and during my cardio sesh I wore this two-piece set from Sammydress. It is super breathable and and comfy for all types of workouts. What is your go-to workout routine?

Check out Sammydress on their socials and Buyer's Showroom.


Sunday, November 27, 2016

StyleWe Love List

1 // 2 // 3

Bonjour mes amours.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and my favorite, Black Friday! I am so thankful for finally having a school break for the last few days, so I could finally catch up on blogging projects and doing things for myself. I bet many of you have just began the long list for Christmas shopping for friends, family, and yourself. I was browsing through StyleWe and came across some of the best sales around at the moment. I decided to pull a bunch of pieces to make one solid gift guide featuring what I have my eyes on. Let me know what your favorite thing is below!


Friday, November 25, 2016

Model Off-Duty

I have to admit that I am ridiculously bipolar with my style and I love it. I get bored with everything so quickly no matter what it is. For some reason, I am one of those people always seeking change and a new adventure. Trust me, it's a fantastic lifestyle and it speaks in my style. I dress for the occasion, my mood, and whatever is inspiring me at the moment (and this can literally be anything from a color to a high fashion editorial, or something 100% random). 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Let's Pretend It's Summer

Sometimes I feel like being a little flower child. All it takes is a good boho-esque dress and a pretty necklace from Zaful to create a look that seems like you tried, but in reality you got dressed in less than 60 seconds. Plus the weather has been so bipolar it isn't even funny, so I was able to pretend it was summer and get away with wearing this slit-dress. We all know the sassy tone in Miranda Priestly's voice from The Devil Wears Prada as she says, "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking." Hopefully I satisfied her by wearing them in the fall instead.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Giveaway: $100 Zaful Gift Card (CLOSED)

Pink Suede Cap - Zaful

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is out and I have been in a total holiday mood. I know I'm not the only one who has an almost perfected wishlist, am I right? I can't even express my love for the holidays when everything feels warm, Christmas music is blasting, and the winter displays are up all across midtown in my favorite department stores. Pure bliss. Oh, and lets not forget watching Charlie Brown and Eloise over and over. In light of the season, Zaful would like to give TEN of my beautiful readers the chance to win a $100 gift card for their online clothing store. Sounds like the perfect present to me!

1. Comment your favorite piece from Zaful's November Mega Sale
2. Leave your email in the comments
3. For a bonus...make sure you are following me on Instagram @raquelringgold (please leave your username in the comment section on this post below)

Pretty easy, huh. The contest ends on 11/31/16 and winners will be randomly picked and contacted by Zaful days following. Good luck my loves! xo


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." -Maya Angelou

I just wanted to start things off with some nice words to live by. Keep on building the empire that you love my darlings..!

Now let's get on topic...so this summer I was really interested in veganism after doing research and watching Raw Alignment on YouTube for extensive periods of time. Not trying to make excuses, but I realized a few weeks in how difficult it was to completely commit with the type of lifestyle I currently have. Surprisingly though, I did pretty well during my trial with eating by the rules and I still try to eat vegan food as much as possible. For the most part I was never really into eating meat and I avoid dairy a lot anyway because it can have negative effects on the body. 


Sunday, October 30, 2016

All About Nudes

Let's just act as if today was a smooth day, but in a way that would be pretty boring. In between homework, college applications, scheduling, business emails, and breathing; at least I can say I am stressed, but well dressed. So, this is outfit #2 coming straight from my fall style haul collaboration with Tobi. It is honestly the coolest thing to be able to partner with one of your longtime favorite online stores. I mean just look at their glam pieces! My vibe was somewhere around the lines of effortless Parisian with a drop of girl boss. I have a soft spot for all sorts of earthy tones because they look so chic and fashion-forward no matter what.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Vintage Vibes

Taaa-da! As hinted not too long ago, I mentioned an upcoming fall style haul collab. I am beyond excited that I was able to team up with Tobi for this campaign to bring you two completely different looks with this being part 1, so keep your eye out for part 2 later this week...okay? Tobi has been one of my favorite online stores forever because they are one of those shops where everything looks so fab all the time. Be prepared to have your credit card in hand as soon as you go onto their site because your cart will be full in minutes...but Tobi is so nice that they offer 50% off your first purchase. Bless.


Friday, October 14, 2016

DRESSing Up + Down with Dezzal

Coffee, fittings, hair/makeup, appearance, red carpet, eat, sleep, repeat... 

That is the life of as Teen Miss U.S. of America on appearance days and I love every moment of it. This same weekend I also found myself out-and-about in the city...what else is new? When I was picking out a few outfits I realized that I literally packed away some of my favorite dresses with summer clothes. I love a good dress whether it gives baddie or princess vibes, I'm feeling it. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


No one throws a party better than Teen Vogue, period. On BeautyCon eve, I was invited to attend a huge product launch for Neutrogena's brand new Light Therapy Acne Mask. Picture a venue full of It Girls, celebrities, and other important people walking around and socializing while trying on glowing, selfie-worthy pink masks. Three words: coolest thing ever. For those of you like me who aren't very familiar with light therapy, it is seriously the most ingenious thing created. It is definitely the next big thing for the skincare industry and the results are fabulous. The masks contain no chemicals or harmful UV lights whatsoever, only red and blue light technology. So, the red lights stop evil inflammation and the blue fights underlying bacteria. Personally, I've mentioned before that I don't really have acne, but a blemish is bound to happen ever so often, so the plan is to stop it dead in its tracks. Got me? I love the concept of using this mask for ten-short minutes each session because I can't deal with using a million different products. Nobody has time for that. Seriously, bless Neutrogena for staying on top of the game and keeping my skin clear.


Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall, is that you?

Fall is my favorite season, like you don't even understand. I'm just going to list as to why and hopefully you agree with me: fall fashion...duh, layering, cashmere, apple cider donuts, Disney Halloween movies, costumes, thigh-high boots, pumpkin picking, Columbus Day sales, holidays, perfect weather, foliage.......

Monday, September 26, 2016

Style FW S/S17

Fashion Month has been moving along and I would pretty much do anything to be at MFW right now, but Italy will have to wait because your girl has school. Instead I will bring it back to happier times at NYFW and recap what was happening at Style Fashion Week.

I had other shows and events before heading to SFW, and sadly I had to skip a few things. SFW stayed on my list since I heard fabulous things about the shows they put on. I always think I am capable of doing a million things in one day, but forget it's NYC and it is a guarantee that every taxi going past is already full or another event pops up that you want to go to so you have to run from SoHo to Midtown West like a crazy lady. What struggles. Then a blogging break is usually needed to check footage, so I decided at one point that I had to skip a party to regroup and have a scoop of gelato instead. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

#NYFW: Kyboe

Fashion Month is literally so magical. I was going through emails and making an attempt to get my life together when I realized how many things I had booked with no time in between to get from place to place. Like a girl needs a coffee break. So I had to make an attempt to cut out multiple parties, shows, and events to make sure I saw all of my top favorites. 

Kyboe was the one and only accessory brand to show officially at NYFW which put it on my must-see list. My Insta followers saw it first, but they sent over two beyond gorgeous watches to my assistant and I to get the feel of their brand and let's just say I love. Personally I am a fan of huge watches, so I gravitate toward anything over 45mm, minimum. Kyboe believes in "bigger is better" and "work hard, play hard" so I have been wearing my Port Rose Gold 55mm all day, err day.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Nighttime Routine | Getting UNready With Me

Hello loves! If you follow me on social media you already know that I have been crowned Teen Miss U.S. of America 2016! I am still so humbled that I won. Putting so much work into something and accomplishing that goal is beyond amazing. Also, thank you so much for the sweet messages from so many of you. It means everything to me!

Getting back into things I've been all over the place for the past week. Like honestly I am beginning to feel like a mini globetrotter...on the east coast that is. I finally began to settle down a bit and now that summer vacay is nearing to a close (que in Mike Posner lyrics *baby please don't gooooo*) I feel the need to get back into my solid routine. During the school year which is coming quick I finish up homework first, but sometimes I have modeling or riding lessons and my schedule can get switched around. So here is my typical nighttime routine after working out and eating dinner that leaves me feeling super relaxed and ready for the next day..


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fashion Class is in Session

Professor Raquel here. Today we are talking all about style and hopefully I can be some assistance if you are confused with what to do in a style crisis. Personally I think the worst thing a person confused with fashion can do is Google something around the lines of "fashion trends". No honey, please do not. Looking at the trends is helpful and all, but think about trends as the syrup on top of the pancakes. First you need a good foundation (your personal style) and then the trends are the extra nice flair. Therefore dressing head-to-toe in trends can cover up whatever your unique personal  style is which doesn't deserve to be hidden. So now the question is what is your personal style?

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Grind Never Stops

Photo Credit: Georgina Vaughan

Most would assume that summer vacay is equivalent to relaxing by the pool all day and having the occasional bonfire. In a way I wish, but then again I take that back because I enjoy being out and about all the time. I've been working on some fun projects, as well as getting back in the studio modeling. I desperately needed new comp cards, so my agent is sending me the new proofs soon. It's pretty crazy how fast your look can change without realizing it and I even got taller too. 

Oh, and don't let me forget that NYFW is in a mere month and I have a national pageant in a WEEK. I have a few last minute things to do to prepare for the pageant, but I'm super excited simply because nothing is better than being onstage. The best part about pageant prep is that it's a journey of becoming the best version of yourself inside and out. Preparing for interview turns into a life skill and you can answer basically anything with a fluid, short and sweet response. The list can go on including being in great shape, proper nutrition, keeping your skin/hair healthy and glowing, volunteering, and continuously representing your state title at events. Wearing the crown is the easy part of the job because the girl wearing it has to do so much before hitting the stage, and it is the most rewarding experience ever.

I'm feeling emotional that there is only one month of summer left before school starts again, but in away there are so many things I'm working on this month that I want the days to keep moving. In that case, follow your dreams people and Happy Monday! xo.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer DIY! Indoor Picnic + The Chic Essentials

Picnics and pool BBQ's are fun summery occasions that are so easy to plan. Since they are much more laid back than a full blown party you can enjoy it a lot more because there is no need to constantly entertain the guests. Basically all you need is what everyone wants, food. Now food can make or break a party and it is crucial to know what type of crowd you are catering too. There is a huge difference between a graduation event versus afternoon tea "foods". Chobani and I teamed up to show you the best tips to throw a delicious and effortless party with a chic sha-bang, of course.

1. Think about the time you are holding the party and make sure it isn't the week where half of your guests will be vacationing across the globe. Also, mother nature isn't always the sweetest lady and rain can easily ruin your setup. For my picnic here there ended up being some unexpected bad weather along with humidity, so the fiesta was moved indoor which was no problem because you always need another plan just in case and we ended being even closer to the kitchen making things easier.

2. Like I mentioned before, know the crowd. It is so much easier to work with small groups, but if you are throwing a party for a lot of people you will need some more prep time. It is also good if you can find out if any of your invitees have any special dietary requests to see if you need to throw in any gluten free, soy free, lactose free, vegan, paleo...you get the gist. 

3. Let us not forget the music. What is a party without a killer playlist? The best bet is to use iTunes radio or something along those lines and let your favorite hits play. Remember that the music does set the tone of the party and the vibe you want your event to give. Try to match it to the aesthetic of your set-up, so for the All American BBQ go with summer hits and for a tea party try out the classics.

4. The setup I have here is just what one side of the table would look like for two people because I figured the presentation would be easier to view this way before I set up the rest. This table is actually in the shape of a guitar pick and will hold the eight guests total. I'm totally obsessed with the room I picked because of the classy vibe thanks to the florals and mannequin. Once again, find the aesthetic you are shooting for and plan everything around that.

5. Now this was a small "chatty" type of gathering before having the actual meal. Healthy snacks are always easy because you can never go wrong with an assortment of fruits and veggies. It is the pre-party after all, so save the richer foods for the actual meal. Water is also the easiest option, but I took it a step further and went with Boxed Water simply because it's way cuter. 

6. Chips and dip. This is the #1 BBQ staple because it is the most hassle-free party snack there is. Chobani Mezé Dips are the best because they come in four flavors and this can work for any type of party. They are made with Greek yogurt, so if you love classic Chobani yogurt you will definitely love this. Oh, plus it has much less fat that hummus and many dressings, so this will not break your summer clean eating streak. Basically it tastes like it is filled with horrible and delicious preservatives, but it is free of all preservatives. Whooo! Your guests will thank you.

See I told you it was easy. Happy Partying!


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Manus x Machina

Manus x Machina. 

One of the most divine things my eyes have ever seen. I honestly can't even process how magnificent these creations are. As of now I would just like to assume that a magic wand zapped them into existence because the whole exhibit is like a fashion fantasy. Honestly it wasn't my intentions to go to The Met to see the exhibit even though I have been dying to. I just couldn't find the time, but it was fate that I ended up there on a group outing. The fashion angels must have been pushing me that way because I was memorized from the second I saw "the dress". Yes, the gold one with the twenty-foot train. Talk about flawless embroidery technique. The pictures are lovely and do it justice, but there is just something about the element in person. Down to the music playing in the exhibit everything was so precise.

I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion, but the most beautiful thing about this exhibit is that it is simply art. Sure that statement was a definite oxymoron, but the culmination from the centuries and advancements of technology makes perfect sense. Technology and culture all culminate to form fashion, and wearable technology is only going to expand in the future. The exhibition has a wide array of designers and some of our favorite icons (McQueen, Chanel, Dior...) are so recognizable and true to the DNA of their brand from decades ago to today.

Hand-crafted versus machine-made clothing is a very distinct concept. The fashion world moves like lighting and who knows where haute couture and prêt à porter production will end up. I think the rest speaks for itself. Don't you agree?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Cocoa Veggie Detox

I've always been a huge juicer/blend freak up until I broke my blender a few weeks ago. Literally it was smoking as I was making an acai bowl and I still continued to use it until I thought flames were about to spark. Risky move, but I was getting hangry. Anywho it was time for an upgrade, so I picked up the new Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ at Sam's Club before I went into a lack of detox depression. 

Let me tell you, I didn't realize how much I've been missing out on until I switched to a Ninja. Like it is the most powerful thing I've ever experienced in my life and I'm now back on my grind with blending everything. My favorite smoothie when I am looking for a creamy treat and not just pure veggies is this delish kale blend. I swear this is basically a healthy milkshake minus ice cream and sugar with an equally amazing taste. Plus it has so many health benefits from the organic ingredients and you don't need an ounce of cooking talent in you to whip it up.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June 2016 Obsessions

Summer is here and the heat is killer, but honestly I don't even mind. I've been in NYC and I managed to get get a summer cold that fast (I blame the bacteria filled subways), but I got rid of it in lightening speed by drinking over a gallon of water and a nice Netflix day well spent on the couch. That is the cure for anything and everything people. In that time I wanted to share my June favorites because I haven't done one in forever, so cut the intro and here we go.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Couture Model

People seem to overlook the important requirements of being a model besides height, looks, stats, and everything else. Just like any other occupation, models have to be educated in the industry and know how to brand themselves as well as how to take care of themselves. A model can have the best agent, coach, and get bookings, but there has to be more to take it to the next level. Agencies like Couture Modeling only has models who are on the top of their A-game and unlike many other agencies who simply throw you into the industry, they guide and teach you the steps to grow as a professional model.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jewels for the Win

I'm just going to start with a gigantic Birkin bag sized apology to you all. I've been totally MIA lately, or as a like to say Missing In Armani, but school is officially over and I'm back and better than ever. Currently I am prepping for a ton of summer projects which I am super excited for and I'll be in NYC for a bit doing some fun stuff.

Whenever it is hot and I'm traveling I become the laziest dresser in the world. Bless white v-neck shirts and sandals. So huge shoutout to Born Pretty Store for the accessories to help a girl out. I'm sure you know by now that accessories, especially necklaces, are my go-to because why dress up when you can thrown some jewels on. In that case here are some examples of putting in zero effort in my outfits because bling always wins. You know I've always got you so use the promo code "MRYT10" on the Born Pretty Store website for a special discount, my treat.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Naked Goods

Get ready, we are stripping down to the bare minimum of skincare solutions. You know when your skin desperately needs a boost after being deprived of sleep and running on coffee 24/7. Yeah, sadly that needs to stop sooner or later. I was on the hunt for a few new items to help keep up with my on-the-go lifestyle and The Naked Goods must have heard me loud and clear because they sent a package of goodies. They are 100% natural, organic, and wildharvested, so you know every ingredient touching your skin. There is something so sketchy about a brand that can't blatantly tell you the truth about what is in their products, so I love that The Naked Goods tells it all.

But honestly isn't the packaging the cutest? Like I am the biggest sucker for presentation and they got me. Minimalism + Luxy Vibes = Happy Raquel. I could keep going on, but the actual important part is what is inside the containers. I received the face oil and lip butter which are both ah-mazing to say the least. 

The oil is just the perfect thing to keep you all glowy and refreshed. It's kind of a magic potion that makes you look like you just left the spa after getting a mud mask without going to the spa and getting a mud mask. The lip butter is totally worth it and it super long lasting. I'm talking about five plus hours of wear people and it is a really creamy formula. I've been using it by itself or under matte lipsticks which tend to get dry out quicker and the lip butter has proved to be a keeper. There is no petroleum and instead has ingredients that skin craves like castor and rose oils. Did I mention that the brand is also completely cruelty free? The Naked Goods seems to be too good to be true, but thank goodness it is true! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

16 Things Every Fashion Blogger Understands

Bloggers know that blogging is basically a lifestyle and I thought it would be fun to justify that with a round-up of the wacky (and worthwhile!) things we constantly do. 

1. Seeing an aesthetically pleasing wall and zipping across the street to use it as a photo backdrop.

2. Looking for restaurants with the most appealing setups and trendy foods (clearly just like trendy fashion, trendy food is a thing too).

3. Always seeking flawless lighting in random places.

4. Marble everything. Like are you even a blogger if you don't have a fond addiction with marble designs?

5. When your camera dies or memory card is full mid-shoot and you probably want to cry, but you remember your makeup is too good for that...alright that was a little too dramatic.

6. Elaborating on the last point brings me to the dilemma of constantly getting full storage alerts on your iPhone because you took a couple hundred pictures that day. Delete, delete, delete.

7. While we are on the topic of phones, you know when you've only been out for three hours and you already have a 20% battery because you've been uploading, responding, snapping, and everything else in between?

8. Replying to business emails and beginning posts even when you aren't supposed to be working just because you are trying to get a jump start for the next day.

9. Having friends all around the world who you are close with through the blogosphere, but have never met in real life.

10. Knowing about every single thing going on in the fashion industry like your first name is Vogue.

11. Being 100% shameless about taking pictures in some of the weirdest and wildest places. 

12. Trying to capture a walking shot across the street that looks natural right as the traffic light is about turn red. The things we do for that one shot. 

13. Knowing the struggle of trying to teach someone else to take pictures of you when your photographer isn't around.

14. Stalking and gawking over your favorite bloggers with no shame for hours wondering how they seem so blogger.

15. Even with having help, you still know how to handle everything from PR, to content development, and scheduling on your own..#GirlBoss

16. The challenge of perfect flatlays. Should I dare say more?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Skin Secrets

Honestly mousturizing your skin is the one of the few things you can do to keep it ultra smooth and hydrated on the outside. Besides consuming lots of key nutrients (avocado toast, where you at?) and cleansing your body of toxins that lead to skin problems, it is sometimes forgotten that going from the outside in is pretty crucial too. I'm totally obsessed with drinking my detox tea everyday and I always take multi-vitamins even though I still get a pretty sufficient amount of nutrients in my diet. These two things have made such a big difference for me and I've been purchasing them for months and months now, and I'm one of those people who doesn't get hooked to products easy so that's actually saying something. I give them credit for helping me maintain healthy skin, but you gotta put in a little extra oomph (aka Simply Beautiful Collections) to get that radiating summer glow.

SBC kindly sent me their new all-natural Cotton Hand & Body Lotion to try out as a new item in my summer skincare routine and it has already stuck into my daily routine. This lotion is really nice because it isn't a sticky or greasy formula that makes you feel all icky. It is super light so you can use it and follow with sunscreen if you want without being weighed down. Also, it is fragrance free which I think is so important because I cannot stand super strong scented lotions that linger for hours on your skin, especially in the summer. Like there has to be some sort of chemical that doesn't belong on your skin in those fruity patootie concoctions. SBC is dermatologist approved and gentle enough to use on babies, so it is beneficial for basically any skin type. And for the best part, because it always gets better, it contains wheat germ oil and whey protein which is scientific code for making your skin firmer. Yes, yes, and yes.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Botanical Blooms feat. D&G

Botanical Blooms


Summer is practically already here in my opinion and vacation outfits are in the works. There is one concept that will guarantee that your outfit is completely on point and that is effortlessly chic. You know, that perfect outfit that is really easy to wear while making you feel like the goddess you are. Currently floral prints have been all the rage for summer collections and it is clearly the best way to embrace your inner flower child, in a super chic way of course. So, I teamed up with Farfetch and Dolce & Gabbana to share a little bit of fashion inspo on what's trending in the Botanical Blooms department. 

Shoes are the icing on the cake because they finish off every look and you can get a ton of wear out of a really good pair. The Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Floral Pumps are the ultimate example of what every girl needs to have in her closet this summer. The red and white are the perfect complimenting duo and can we just talk about that gorgeous embellishment on the pointed toe? I've always been a D&G girl just because they elude elegance and haute couture elements while still maintaining that trendy flair. It takes a really good brand to hit both of those qualities, but if anyone can do it it's Dolce & Gabbana.

I hope that this look inspires you to jump into the Botanical Bloom trend this summer. It's totally something that anyone can look amazing in no matter if the floral is on your pumps, top, or even in your hair. Farfetch has all of the essentials (and some fab sales too) so treat yourself and get shopping! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Paintbrushes & Party

Like the true Parisian soul at-heart that I am, I adore anything on the artsy side. I was invited to a class at Paintbrushes & Party which is right up my alley. Anything involving socializing, art, and delicious treats basically speaks to me. Every class has a different masterpiece that the whole group will work on and complete in about three hours. I went to the "Sunset Over the Hudson" class which I think was a very aesthetically pleasing choice.

Everything that you need for painting is already there, so all you need to do is bring your besties and prepare for a lot of laughter and occasional dancing (the playlist is pretty on point, if I do say so myself). Once you arrive and get settled you can put on your apron and begin to do a little snacking before all of the real fun begins. Males and females, children and adults were all in attendance, so there were a ton of different artistic perspectives making the class really cool.  At the end you feel totally successful after creating something you didn't even know you had the hidden creative talent to do!

The owner Deanna was the sweetest and made sure everyone was having a blast the whole time. With fun and easy step-by-step instruction there is really no room for error. Being the wacky perfectionist I am, this really helped me out and kept me focused on one portion of the painting at a time. There is a lot of room to throw in your own flair (as seen in my pink and purple with a hint of blue river). I was really impressed with how well mine turned out in the end. The trick: I tried to find my inner Picasso and use some of those blending techniques I was taught in second grade art class and I think it may have worked out a bit. Once class wraps up you take your canvas home and it is ready to be mounted onto the wall. Then after that you will probably be checking the Paintbrushes & Party schedule online to plan your next girls night out because let's face it, it is pretty addicting.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Zest Bistro & Smoothie Bar

I'm one of those green juice/smoothie health-nuts that faithfully blends and gets excited over new combinations. I'm pretty addicted. Literally where I live there was nowhere to get smoothies when I didn't feel like making them myself, until now. Thank the heavens! Introducing Zest Bistro. I stopped in the other day for the first time and left oh-so-happy. Clearly that means I have now been there three more times since last week. 

The smoothies are beyond amazing and super filling, especially if you add a protein boost. My holy grail combination so far has to be the banana-vanilla-kale combo with soy milk, but the blueberry-vanilla-cucumber is also a stunner. The list of fruits/veggies covers basically everything, so there is something for everyone.

So Zest Bistro has not only smoothies, but an assortment of authentic multicultural dishes, teas, and more. Owned by C.I.A. student David Cruz, the restaurant was bound to be a culinary success from the start. Honestly the best part of the restaurant is the overall vibrant atmosphere. It's amazing being in a place filled with healthy and delicious options that I may not have ever thought to cook on my own. It looks like Main St. in Poughkeepsie just got a little bit more Zest-y.
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