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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Another exciting (and cold!) season was well spent at NYFW this past weekend where I stayed busy with many events and appointments. Bound By The Crown Couture was a runway show that especially stood out to me. I attended their runway show last season and once again they proved themselves to be a fabulous, high-end couture line for the young fashionista.

I headed over to The Affinia Hotel in mid-town Saturday evening for the show and they were getting things organized, so that allowed me to charge my devices and prepare for the show. About an hour later there was a large crowd and they began to check-in press and VIP's. The lady checking-in was fairly abrasive to the guests and inappropriate. I spoke to another member of the team who was very accommodating and they kindly gave me a seat. This certainly did not alter my opinion on the brand or clothing because the show itself was fabulous.

The amazing combination of maturity and glamorous embellishments kept me glued to the runway. They truly put on a great show and choreographed it into an entertaining story. Every single piece had something "wow" about it that kept it very trendy. Many pieces took a twist on the everyday schoolgirl look by adding lots of personality and flair. The eye-catching color blocking was especially fun and a youthful addition. This collection is primarily for ages 8-18 and they did a great job at making it so versatile for the age range. BBTC is a great brand and I've always been a big fan of their line. I love rocking my BBTC apparel and can't wait to see what they do in future seasons to come. 




  1. Such a cute show, sounds like fun once you were in and seated lovely!


  2. Really cute show ♥
    Nati xx

  3. What a lovely show :)


  4. So much fun. I love kids show.

  5. Great looks
    Kids shows are always amazing


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