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Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall, is that you?

Fall is my favorite season, like you don't even understand. I'm just going to list as to why and hopefully you agree with me: fall fashion...duh, layering, cashmere, apple cider donuts, Disney Halloween movies, costumes, thigh-high boots, pumpkin picking, Columbus Day sales, holidays, perfect weather, foliage.......

I was trying to figure out what summer clothes can stay in my glam room for fall that I can still incorporate into outfits and what needs to go into hibernation. I found it funny how all of my summer stuff is bright shades of Barbie pink and blues resembling the Caribbean Sea, and then fall is a minimalistic array of navy, grey, burgundy, black, and white. Alright, I know black and white aren't colors, they are shades (I can picture one of my precollege fashion professors lecturing us on this crime of color). 

If you have been keeping up for awhile you know accessories are my go-to because they turn a mediocre combination of clothes into an actual outfit....sooooo big shoutout to the Born Pretty Store for sending me some gorgeous accessories I got to wear recently for my intro into fall. I've been into bigger pieces because why not make a statement, right? I mean just look at how gorgeous the necklace and bracelet are. Then I've always been into chokers, so it is cool to see them back in as the big thing for fall. If you want to do some shopping yourself on BPS use promo "MRYT10" for a special discount!



  1. Beautiful, love your jewelry too!


  2. you have an amazing blog, loving reading through it!!

  3. I like your blog:)

  4. The jewelry is beautiful! Also, I love the outfits!

  5. Love the jewelry(especially the bracelet)and you're really pretty btw! xx

  6. Great post, you have good style!



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