Friday, October 27, 2017

Back & I'm Better

Well it took about two months to get it together, but I think I can finally say that college feels as normal as it's going to feel. Therefore I'm back on the blog. The school workload isn't bad at all, actually much easier than I pictured, but everything else is pure culture shock. The best part by far is the fact that everyday I wake up in NYC. Rise & grind.

I can say that I have had a creative enlightening during my little time off and I have so many ideas I've been working on. I've realized that a lot of my Instagram is pretty much what my bio says: life(style). I love my job in the industry, exploring, and doing fun things while keeping it stylish. I want to keep Omnivogues in line with that and roll out more lifestyle & real life content. I love my fashion and it isn't going anywhere, but let's be real...fashion blogs are everywhere, but there is only one Raquel Ringgold and my adventures that are unique to myself. I don't want to show off the same cookie-cutter looks because everyone else is doing it. With that being said, I will do style like this post, but there will be an even larger variety of content coming out soon.

Halloween is next week (what even) and usually it is North Face, brick cold temperatures going on in New York, but recently it has been warm. Warm enough for this floral crochet shift dress from Shein. I'm not complaining because I am in love with this dress, but I'm just a little shook. Anyway, I've really been liking soft blues shades lately and finding myself wearing lots of tops in this range. This dress really gives me Parisian vibes. It's so chic, but classy, and can we talk about how ah-mazing the floral crochet neckline is.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Shein and all words, thoughts, and creative directions are all 100% my own. 



  1. Love your photos, dear. You also look beautiful in that dress.

  2. You're so gorgeous, Rachel. I absolutely love your pictures! I'm so excited to your next post. Love Ian Whittock

  3. You look beautiful! Keep working on your ideas, Rachel. I'm pretty sure it'll turn out great! Regards Richard Butler Creagh

  4. Great share, dear. Your dress fits you perfectly, I love it.

  5. You look stunning! Love your blog.

  6. So stylish! Great sense of style, Raquel.

  7. That dress really looks good on you. Great post, dear.


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