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There is something about finding an item that is vintage that is so special. It can be anything from your grandfathers fedora to a vintage Chanel 2.55. My mother is a antique expertise and she has a large collection of vintage home decor and clothing. As she was organizing and cleaning, she came across two vintage issues of Vogue and Glamour. Pretty cool huh! These two magazines have been intriguing me as they have such a mysterious feeling to them even though they are magazines still on the shelves today. The Vogue is issued from December 15, 1943, and is priced on the cover at only 35¢. This is a Christmas issue and it graces the beautiful Mrs. John Rawlings on the cover. Glamour features Daphne Maxwell-Reid on the cover and a fun-fact about this is that she was the first African-American model to be on the cover of Glamour Magazine. This issue is from October 1969. I am in love with both of these magazines and I have carefully flipped through them over and over!

The front and back of the magazines

Pages from inside Glamour

There was even a pamphlet card still attached in the mag to order a book to help you tone your figure and get into shape!

Now for the Vogue....

Who knew that even Dodge used bikini models back in the 1940s?

So, very interesting isn't it? These are currently sitting on my stand in my closet next to my vanity table. Tell me what you think about them! XOXO Raquel.



  1. I love finding anything vintage, be it clothes, books and furniture. There's something so satisfactory about old stuff, the smell, texture and history behind it are all amazing.

    You said you're a professional mode, post some pictures, I'd be curious to see!

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

    1. I will do a modeling post soon...thank you!

  2. Nice post!
    I’m following you !


  3. Wow, those are collector's items.


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