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Hello my lovelies! If you missed my post from last month I posted about how excited I was about waiting for my custom dress from eShakti, make sure you check it out here. To refresh your minds, eShakti is an online clothing store that makes standard and custom clothing for all ladies sizes 0-36. Their customization is great because it allows the buyer to get exactly what makes them feel amazing and flatters them perfectly.

My whole experience with them is nothing but fantastic. Their whole store is nothing but classy and stylish pieces for every single shape and size. When ordering a custom design, you are allowed to completely transform the dress to exactly how you would like it. You submit all of your exact body measurements from head to toe, your height, and even the exact length/sleeve length you prefer. I found this customization to be extremely great as I am always crossing my fingers when I order clothes online hoping that their size chart will be accurate. Sizes are very weird now a days because everyone is so different. Even if something is cute and it fits, does it actually "fit"? With eShakti, there was no worries as I knew it would be just how I wanted. 

After taking forever to decide what item I wanted the most, I chose the Diamond Quilt Jacquard Sheath Dress in wine/black. The pattern is just stunning and the material is very heavy. The quality was beyond amazing and it was as every stitch was made with care. I was super impressed with the fit and how they made sure there would still be enough room to breathe! 

When it comes to dresses, I usually do not buy ones at mid-calf length, but I am really happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and got this one. Basically I am either a maxi dress or mini dress kinda girl. Never really too much in between. I found that the quality is what determines how much you love a dress. Since it fit so well, the length was fabulous! That is why I am now so in love with eShakti. Other than dresses, they do sell other items such as blouses and jackets so I will be checking them out very soon and you should too!



  1. Pretty dress!

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  2. omg that color is so beautiful!

  3. You look absolutely chic in that dress!

  4. What a lovely color on you! & Quite a classy look! Well done. (:

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  5. Beautiful dress !!!

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  6. That dress is perfection on you! So classy.



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