Steampunk Photoshoot

One amazing part I love about modeling is that photoshoot themes are not always your typical glamorous beauty shots! Getting to try different themes does not only help bring out your creative side, but it's like a challenging test. One of my recent photoshoot challenges was doing a steampunk style photoshoot. I did not know too much about steampunk other than it's a science genre/time civilization from the nineteenth century. With a lot of research on their style, I learned that deep colors (reds, blacks, dark greens, etc.), corsets, tall boots, and head pieces were completely steampunk attire. It is extremely important to research your theme because you have to know what was relative in that time in order to have proper poses, facial expressions, etc. The costume designer was completely amazing and she pieced together such amazing looks for the models. The hairstyle I had was a soft, low chignon as the headpiece is what was really meant to stand out. The makeup was very dramatic and intricate along with my extremely long feather false eyelashes which looks super cool in the pictures!

MUA: Dielle Jeancharles
Hair: Rosalinda Biddle
Stylist: Rachael Van Houten 



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  2. This is really cool. You look great!



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