Ulta Black Friday Sale: Hit or Miss?

Based on my last post, I am sure you got a small insight on how much I love Black Friday. I always loved browsing through the Ulta website, so I decided to skip the store and order it online. In the ads, they were featuring this Irresistible Beauty 72 piece makeup kit for only $14.99. Crazy huh? I had to buy it for sure, but in order to get the best deal I may have as well spent $25 in order to receive the free shipping. So I ordered their famous sculpting palate (retails for $14.99, sale $5) and automatic eyeliner (retails for $8.99, sale $5). This made the total $24.99 and it has to hit $25 before tax, so back to browsing. I then just threw in a $1.00 Tea Tree Face Mask from The Body Shop to which I did not bother picturing, but will feature in a future post. 

To start out, the eyeliner and sculpting palate is completely what I expected. Both products have been selling at Ulta forever and they both do exactly what promised. The liner is smooth and easy with a "mini Sharpie-style" tip. The sculpting palette is amazing for a gentle contour. Now it is not going to help you achieve a super over-the-top glam look, but it is great to define cheeckbones and highlight features. I was pretty happy with both of these and their savings.

My thoughts about the Irresistible Beauty makeup kit were confusing. The case it came in was nice and all, but the tray the makeup was in inside was a cheap plastic tray. There were tons of eyeshadows in a variety of shades and glosses. The pigmentation were generally good, but I was upset with the product quality in general. I thought the presentation would be much better. Ulta brand products are usually really good, so I expected a little more. This kit was limited for Black Friday only and there were barely any product images of it on the site to show the 100% detailing. I guess you only get what you pay for, but I had more hope in them. I can't complain though since I ended up with a few very nice blending shades. 

Overall, I have to saw this is a half hit and half miss. Did you end up scoring an BF beauty deals? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear about it!



  1. Black Friday sales are always a good thing! I think it's great that you got to try out such a great range of products....but it is a shame that you were ultimately a little disappointed.

  2. I'm sorry that the 72 piece make up kit didn't exactly work out for you - but at least you got something out of it, and you got that sculpting palette and eyeliner, which is definitely something to be happy about :) mckenzie

  3. Bad that the kit was not upto ur mark!

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