New Year//New Adventures

What is the fun in continuously doing the same routine? Change should be side by side with adventure and that is something we are lacking. Trying new hobbies and activities will make you reach your A-game. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself and do something new that makes your creative energy flow. There are many ways to feel rejuvenated again for a new start that are extremely simple and does not even have to include shopping or vacationing! So here are a few ideas to get you started in boosting your adventure...

1. Make a difference for others. This holiday was a huge eyeopener for me and I really noticed how many children and families were going without any gifts into the holidays. Things that may mean nothing to many means the world to some in need. My modeling agency and a couple model volunteers decided to do a holiday toy drive for a few local families. It is never too late to help others, so get out there and give back to your community!

2. Experience a new era. When was the last time you visited a museum? If your answer was your last field trip in elementary school, you have some homework to catch up on! I personally love going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is gigantic and features so many countries. You honestly get to learn some interesting things and it won't break your wallet. This is an current exhibit at the Met called "Death Becomes Her" featuring mourning fashions through the centuries. This is a topic that would have never crossed my mind but it was spectacular because I never realized its huge impact.  

3. Restaurant explorations. I recently realized that I was constantly sticking to my safe, regular restaurants when there are loads of delicious, local owned cuisine surrounding me. Trying specialty foods are great and it is show here as I grabbed some sushi while running errands on 58th St. The problem in today's society is that we are always on the move that we aren't always "enjoying" our meals, we are just eating because we must in order to survive! Find a nice nearby eatery, and not only will you be supporting local, you will probably have a better knowledge of what you are actually consuming and enjoy it. 

4. Bath time. With a crazy schedules baths are probably out of the picture, but finding a nice spa night is fabulous and nothing is better than a bath bomb. I am obsessed with Lush and my recent favorite is "Space Girl" which is purple and sparkly! The aroma is great and it is so relaxing. A relaxing bath is medically proven to release stress and increase circulation and muscle elasticity, so go ahead and take a dip!

5. Find a secret hide out. Living near the Hudson River consists of 315 miles worth of nooks and crannies of relaxing spots to picnic or kayak. Exploring your own town is great because there are numerous historic landmarks that you probably never knew about. Have a tourist day and learn more about what you have been living in forever. 



  1. What a lovely post! Relaxing baths are the best ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. I really enjoyed this post! I think you've highlighted some great ideas in here. I think trying new restaurants, going to museums, and exploring new places are great ways to expand your horizons!


  3. Great post :)


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