Timeless Truth Series: #2

So as promised from the initial post of this series reviewing Timeless Truth eye masks, I am back with my mother's take on the products. Back in my review, I stated how much I really liked these eye masks. To get the most out of this review I had my mother test out two eye masks also this way I can compare and contrast on two age/types of skin.

TT Store: Multi Peptide Bio Cellulose

TT Store: Apple Lifting Correction Bio Cellulose


After fifteen minutes...

So my mom hasn't used an eye mask of this style in the past either. Using each eye mask a few days apart, she saw smoothness after each application. The skin underneath the eye seems to relax and there is more brightness. She also said that she liked the cool feeling when you first apply it. It was as if you could feel the nutrients entering your skin. Both masks also have a great scent that smells nice, but isn't overpowering. 



  1. Wow..sounds great!

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  2. What a lovely review! These sound really nice ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. This looks great. I recently reviewed timeless truth organic fiber elixir mask and loved it. Would love to try this out too :)
    The Lipstickholic


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