Timeless Truth Series: #3

So this is the final wrap up of reviewing the Timeless Truth Cosmetics line along with my mother. We have both noticed significant differences in our skin since using the facial masks and I really love the whole concept! They are super easy to apply and this is a post just sharing the last masks that my mom sampled! They are the Hyaluronic Acid Mask and Apple Stem Cell & Collagen.  

According to my mom, the Hyaluronic Mask felt the strongest. It really hydrated all areas of the skin and it was easy to see results. It brings back youthful, smooth skin (which you can see in her picture below!). The Apple Collage Mask worked great for fine tuning creases and lines while softening areas of the face. My mom is 57 and everyone swears that we are sisters at first. Using simple products like these masks from Timeless Truth have really helped contribute to her having such youthful skin!

Doesn't my mom's skin look great for 57 years old? 



  1. Sounds like such a great product!
    xx Elle

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  2. These masks sound amazing lovely. I love having a relaxing evening and leaving a face mask on while I chill, will have to check these out :)



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