How to Get Long Lashes and Full Brows?

Three months ago I did a post showing you the sweet gift I got from LiLash & LiBrow. If you missed it check it out here! I've been using them both and let me just tell you straight forward, LiLash has made my lashes grow super fast! LiLash conditions and promotes growth leaving natural, long lashes. LiBrow does the same thing and gives fuller brows which is currently all the rage in the beauty industry.

This also only takes thirty seconds of your day. Seriously. You stroke one line of LiLash on your lash line and then a stroke of LiBrow along the bottom of the brows. Judging from my before and after, I am really impressed. I actually didn't use it every day and the results are still great. It takes time to see the difference, but it's totally worth it. The thickness has improved a lot in my lashes and brows over the journey. This makes life so much easier because now I barely use eye makeup. How great is that for the summer?

If you are ready to trash your falsies, fiber lashes, and extensions; try LiLash instead. At first like anyone I was skeptical, but it really did help stimulate growth. I have seen lots of other bloggers raving over this and now it is obvious why!


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