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Teeth Whitening Products Happy 100th post! I am so excited for this milestone that I'm smiling from ear to ear. Luckily my smile is as bright as ever because I've been using Smile Brilliant. In the past I have used white strips to try to achieve a 100 megawatt smile. They were pretty good, but never gave me the results that Smile Brilliant has. 

Carmen from Smile Brilliant asked me to review their treatment and I was definitely up for it. Many bloggers have been saying how well it worked for them, so I began the process myself. The coolest part about this style of whitening is that it consists of efficient custom trays perfectly fit for your teeth. You can get a similar treatment at the dentist if you are willing to spend close to $1,000...or you can buy Smile Brilliant for just less than $150. Your pick! 

Inside the kit has everything you need to make your impressions to send to the lab. You get two molding trays for your top and bottom teeth and three sets of base/catalyst pastes. You simply mix a base and catalyst paste, then quickly spread it across the tray. I just have to mention how the molding trays are periwinkle which is my favorite color! Anyway, insert the tray into your mouth and bite down, then hold for about two minutes. Repeat for the other row of teeth. A spare set of pastes will be left in case anything gets messed up on the first attempt! 

If the impressions look good, let them sit for a bit and then pop them into the bag to mail to the lab. Don't the teeth molds look awesome and creepy at the same time! Once they receive your impressions at the lab, the custom whitening trays will arrive in about a week.

If you have ever had a retainer, I am sure this looks familiar to you. The trays come back in a little travel case ready to for whitening. Before whitening you always want to start with clean and dry teeth. The green syringe is the whitening gel that gets applied to the front of the trays. Whitening sessions can go from 15 minutes up to 3 hours depending on what is comfortable for you. The best thing to do is start with a short time and work your way up with each session.

Many people get concerned about sensitivity, but Smile Brilliant covered everything. After you finish whitening, rinse and then clean out the trays. Follow up with the purple syringe which is the desensitizing gel. This will seal the enamel and make sure you have zero discomfort. Make sure not to eat or drink for after 30 minutes so the gel can really work into your teeth. This did help me because I had a little sensitivity the first few times. 

Now I chose to whiten my teeth two to three times a week. You can do it everyday, but I prefer to spread it out a bit. I'm still using it for maintenance and the results were fantastic. I followed the directions thoroughly and Smile Brilliant has a fantastic FAQ page that answered all of my concerns when I was first starting out. Check out my before and after results below!

Before my teeth were generally white, so I wasn't sure how much of a difference this whole process would make. Well it made a huge difference in my opinion! My teeth really evened out a lot in color. I pretty much feel red-carpet ready with my smile now! 

Now results are different for everyone depending on the natural shade of your teeth, how long the surface stains have been there, and how long you have been whitening. I have been using Smile Brilliant over the month, so each time I saw a slight difference. If you are looking to amp up your selfie game or just feel more confident in your smile, this is a fabulous treatment! 



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  2. I agree, your teeth were white to begin with but the after picture is really impressive! Looks great, I will check out Smile Brilliant.

    XO, Natalia from www.darlingtrend.com

  3. i need this.

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  4. You're teeth look amazingly white in the after picture, that's crazy! What an awesome product!


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  6. I've also used Smile Brilliant and it's absolutely incredible.


  7. Sounds like a great product. Thx for sharing.

  8. Oh wow, this looks amazing lovely, your teeth look so white! Congratulations on 100 posts too :)


  9. this sounds like a great product. never tried any whitener though. I may just give this one a shot.

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