On Sundays especially, you can find me lounging in the afternoon finishing school work. Currently there's heavy rain which is giving me yet another excuse to relax. When I'm not checking my phone every five seconds, I really enjoy reading a good book. I picked up The Untethered Soul, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to find their inner self and de-clutter life. The book is a personal self-journey to help free yourself, from yourself. You know when you really want to do something, but you hold back out of fear? Well this book teaches you how to release the side of you that keeps you from succeeding and finding freedom.

Obviously lounging requires three important factors: entertainment, snacks, and comfy, but cute, clothes. Styleart treated me to the cutest dream catcher sweatshirt which I love since it is a very practical piece. Their online shop is a rad little place where they combine graphic art designs and clothing. You can literally imagine any design you like and buy it on a shirt, phone case, pillow (or all three!) Personally I love the dream catcher because I'm into the whole zen, yoga thing. What can I say, I'm a Pisces! 

The sweatshirt itself was a thick material which I look for in clothing because New York is no joke when the cold comes through. Also, I noticed that the screen printing is very professional quality, so the detailing of the dream catcher is really clear. The brand of the shirt is Earth Positive which is an eco-friendly company. It is completely composed with 100% organic cotton and manufactured using green energy from wind and solar power. I got a size small and it was very roomy giving a comfortable fit. So far I've washed it once and it didn't shrink at all, so even better. 

What I like most about Styleart is that it gives independent graphic artists and fashion designers a portal to create and sell creative fashions. Combing self-expression and fashion is my favorite, so Styleart has my approval!



  1. Love the sweatshirt, such a cute design and sounds really well made. Sundays are made for relaxing days, such a lovely post :)


  2. The first photo is so sweet! Amazing photos!

  3. I love a good cozy sweatshirt and a great book! You doggie is the cutest!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  4. So nice post dear, love your pica..
    if you want we can follow each ether on gcp, google+, facebook page, instagram and bloglovin
    just start and let me know i will do the same..
    ..keep on touch...kiss from


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