No-Dry Mani with DinkiBelle

Basically because I can't sit still and I multi-task everything polishing my own nails is a completely impossible task. In the spirit of Audrey Hepburn I should probably say, "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'". That's cute and all, but my nails will end up ridiculously smudged resembling a three year old that got loose on her mother's vanity table. Ding, ding, ding! Obviously just go to the nail salon. Alright, the nail ladies at my salon know me by name and I'm always that client with exact pictures of what I want. Then I leave with long-lasting nails, but the cost is so unnecessary when you go every single week.

  Better solution=nail wraps. I've used these in the past from different brands and then stopped using them for no reason. We've now been reaquainted again thanks to DinkiBelle who sent me a pack to try. DinkiBelle is a nail wrap brand saving your wallet and the condition of your nails. Damage be gone! The wraps easily stick to natural nails and the pack has 20 strips of different sizes. Once stuck the ends are filed down and peeled to remove the excess. They are made without all of those nasty chemicals contained in many other nail products which totally got me thinking about those bottles in the nail salons that are simply labeled "liquid" and you will never know what that is code for. 

I sealed the strips with a top coat to get extra wear and they've been going strong for almost a week with the package saying lasts up to two weeks. Clearly the best part is that they look super adorable. This is in the shade "Pastel Princess" and the colors are my obsession. It has spots of periwinkle instantly making this design a 10 for me because periwinkle has my heart.



  1. Nice. How does it feel on nails? Heavy hands?

    1. Not at all! They are almost like stickers :)

  2. Wow! That is so nice! I'd probably try something like this too since it's the easiest way to have my nails get done in minutes! :)

    SHAIRA // New Post

  3. this is so easy and awesome way to fix the nails in just a few minutes


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