Zest Bistro & Smoothie Bar

I'm one of those green juice/smoothie health-nuts that faithfully blends and gets excited over new combinations. I'm pretty addicted. Literally where I live there was nowhere to get smoothies when I didn't feel like making them myself, until now. Thank the heavens! Introducing Zest Bistro. I stopped in the other day for the first time and left oh-so-happy. Clearly that means I have now been there three more times since last week. 

The smoothies are beyond amazing and super filling, especially if you add a protein boost. My holy grail combination so far has to be the banana-vanilla-kale combo with soy milk, but the blueberry-vanilla-cucumber is also a stunner. The list of fruits/veggies covers basically everything, so there is something for everyone.

So Zest Bistro has not only smoothies, but an assortment of authentic multicultural dishes, teas, and more. Owned by C.I.A. student David Cruz, the restaurant was bound to be a culinary success from the start. Honestly the best part of the restaurant is the overall vibrant atmosphere. It's amazing being in a place filled with healthy and delicious options that I may not have ever thought to cook on my own. It looks like Main St. in Poughkeepsie just got a little bit more Zest-y.



  1. Nice bistro interior, truly zen, I'd love to chill there!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Lovely! I want a smoothie right now... so bad.


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