Summer Skin Secrets

Honestly mousturizing your skin is the one of the few things you can do to keep it ultra smooth and hydrated on the outside. Besides consuming lots of key nutrients (avocado toast, where you at?) and cleansing your body of toxins that lead to skin problems, it is sometimes forgotten that going from the outside in is pretty crucial too. I'm totally obsessed with drinking my detox tea everyday and I always take multi-vitamins even though I still get a pretty sufficient amount of nutrients in my diet. These two things have made such a big difference for me and I've been purchasing them for months and months now, and I'm one of those people who doesn't get hooked to products easy so that's actually saying something. I give them credit for helping me maintain healthy skin, but you gotta put in a little extra oomph (aka Simply Beautiful Collections) to get that radiating summer glow.

SBC kindly sent me their new all-natural Cotton Hand & Body Lotion to try out as a new item in my summer skincare routine and it has already stuck into my daily routine. This lotion is really nice because it isn't a sticky or greasy formula that makes you feel all icky. It is super light so you can use it and follow with sunscreen if you want without being weighed down. Also, it is fragrance free which I think is so important because I cannot stand super strong scented lotions that linger for hours on your skin, especially in the summer. Like there has to be some sort of chemical that doesn't belong on your skin in those fruity patootie concoctions. SBC is dermatologist approved and gentle enough to use on babies, so it is beneficial for basically any skin type. And for the best part, because it always gets better, it contains wheat germ oil and whey protein which is scientific code for making your skin firmer. Yes, yes, and yes.



  1. I agree with you about moisturising. Thanks for sharing this product with us.


  2. great post dear :D


  3. very nice... yeah ive been moisturizing like crazy lately!


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