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I hope everyone had a spectacular Christmas (or Hannukkah, or anything else) and ate lots of food yesterday! I know I did. I'm not sure why, but yesterday didn't really feel like Christmas...maybe it was the lack of snow. Santa definitely blessed me with way too much. How did I possibly make it on the nice list...just kidding? It definitely doesn't feel like 2017 is in a few days, but I'm genuinely excited. I love when you know that there are big accomplishments/excitement coming up like graduation, beginning college, travels, and career opportunities. Then there are all of the things destined to happen which I have no idea about yet to go along. This year I realized so much and I am overly grateful that I learned from the good and bad. 

During the break I've been killing it with working on a bunch of upcoming blogging projects. Things are in the works people. You know who else has been killing it? Born Pretty Store and their latest jewelry lines. At this point I am sure you know they are one of my favorite companies for cute little pieces. 

Use promo code "MRYT10" to get $$$ off!

Choker // Necklace // Body Chain



  1. Love that choker!

    | www.pxll.co.uk |

  2. Love these accessories, especially that lace choker!! They are killing it indeed! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. Wow those accessories can elevate even the simplest look!!

  4. Love that choker!


  5. If you say I'm on trend then I'm happy! My choker made it!!!


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