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A brief summary of my BodyBrite spa experience: I walked in thinking my skin was pretty decent, I left like a glowing goddess marching my way through NYC...

Surprisingly, I have never had an official spa experience, so when BodyBrite Upper West Side invited me in to get pampered, I was totally in to test things out. I arrived to the cute Upper West Side location which has such a lush and inviting ambiance. First things first, this place deserves a gigantic award for friendliness and hospitality, seriously. The receptionist, Sandra, has to be one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She was so genuine and made sure the experience very enjoyable. I was then introduced to my esthetician, Paola, who would be doing my microdermabrasion + oxygen facial.

During my entire session, Paola kept me in the know about everything she was using on my skin. After cleaning the skin, my moisture level was taken with a little device which I thought was so neat. My percentage was 29% which is a bit low and I was surprised because I drink a ridiculous amount of water daily and moisturize my skin morning & night, but Paola explained that other factors like weather changes and stress can easily effect the level. I asked her a question about the benefits of teens receiving spa treatments like this and I learned that prevention is the key to having nicer skin later in life. By adding in occasional spa visits to your skincare routine at a young age, you will prevent your skin from aging as quickly meaning you won't find yourself contemplating Botox nearly as soon. Yay! 

I got the diamond-peel microdermabrasion first which is a super deep exfoliation. It makes sense to do this before the oxygen facial because it removes all of the icky dead skin cells, so the facial can absorb into perfectly renewed skin. The microdermabrasion is completely painless and stimulates blood flow to help elasticity and cell production. It feels like a tiny suction is going across your face massaging your skin. Ahhhh. After that, my skin was all prepped for an oxygen facial. The purpose is to infuse a hyaluronic acid serum into the skin. Translation= a magical potion that will make your skin glow and feel extra plump. The nutrients were misted onto my face and it felt extremely refreshing. Once the serum was sealed in and polished, Paola used the moisture device from earlier and I was now at 66% which is around where it should belong. Such a drastic change from earlier! 

I walked into the room with clear skin, but after the treatment every inch of my skin felt fresh AND was radiating. No real need for foundation, nothing to conceal. Thank you so much to the owner, Elena, of BodyBrite Upper West Side for an incredible experience! I'm a very happy (and glowing) client.

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