Make Things Happen

GUYS! It feels like spring today and I'm in love. In honor, I had to step out in my pink duster and diamond choker from Sammydress. Spring break has arrived and I am so relieved- like I woke up at 9am today instead of 6am, that's a gift from the heavens. 

In the past few days I have really seemed to notice more and more how much I like change. It is so hard for me to pick favorite things because I always know there is something I haven't done, seen, or tried yet (and it's most likely on my bucketlist to do so). That's why it is my long term goal to just do everything I wish no matter what it is.

I wish I could stay and chat, but I am taking that advice above and heading out of the house to get things done. Let's make things happen people.
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Sammydress and all words, thoughts, and creative directions are all 100% my own. 

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