Feels before: lied to, betrayed, etc. Why? Because for years I have been trying lip products of all sorts (gloss, sticks, stain, mattes) and sure, many have been great, but I didn't realize how much I have been missing. One word: LipSense

LipSense is considered to be a long-lasting lip color (18 hours to be exact..CAN YOU BELIEVE?) that does not budge and is vegan/made with natural pigments. Imagine not having to touch up for hours...this is the life. I mean this to the point where you can vigorously rub your hand back and forth over your lips and the color isn't going anywhere. It's some type of magic, I'm convinced. Also, I'm sure you know by now that I am a fan of makeup that is also skincare, so I love that this contains cosmetic alcohol which is a great natural skin exfoliator and bacteria killer.  

With the starter kit you are given the essential trio: lip color, clear gloss, and remover. There are 36 shades in the collection and my current favorite worn here is caramel apple. Lemme tell you how this works:
1) begin with clean lips
2) apply 1-3 even coats (I'm wearing one coat in this picture and the pigment is so strong)
3) add the gloss to seal the color-which happens to be very hydrating and it will keep the color on all day
4) use the remover for any ooopsies 

The actual formula is like a very thin lipgloss, but dries matte. This shade particularly looks really natural and is a gorgeous rosy shade. I have a habit for wearing shades like this often, but LipSense is the first that I would easily give 10/10. Since it isn't sticky like a lipgloss, it feels practically weightless. Seriously though, the fact that this really stays on your lips like a stain is golden because who doesn't love the assurance that your lipcolor isn't going to flake, disappear, end up on your teeth, or whatever else.

Check out @lipslay_ on Instagram and send Kristi a DM mentioning me to receive a special promo

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by LipSense and all words, thoughts, and creative directions are all 100% my own. 


  1. This lipstick looks good on you.
    And that it lasting for 16 hours is really wow...
    I never have lipstick that last that long in my lips.


  2. The color is so natural...just like your beauty!

  3. You are showing lipsticks but my eyes are on your lovely nails...certainly, NAILing it! See that pun? ;)

  4. Girl, how do you do your perfect eyebrows??? Please let us know.

  5. You look pretty on your make-up dear!I love it.


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