Monday, May 12, 2014

Silver Needle Lookbook

The other night, I attended the Silver Needle Fashion Show. This show displayed designs from college fashion design students. I really had a fabulous time at this event. It's like the fashion gods opened up the gate and let creativity fall out onto the runway. All of the hard work is really shown from all of the volunteers, models, and designers. The venue was very nice and the show was put together very well. The lookbook for the show was just amazing. Here were some of my favorite designers looks!

 This is the front cover of the lookbook and the designer who created this lovely piece is Kelsea Ullrich. Her all-white pieces were so crisp and well cut. As I watched her pieces work down the runway, I couldn't help but compare them to MAC White Frost eyeshadow!

 These pieces were made by the lovely designer, Joanne Falce. Joanne incorporated hand embellishment to some of her blouses, which I though was such a perfect touch. The other part that stood out to me was the way the her print is actually a butterfly pattern which she created herself. The black and white gave it a very modern, yet classic look.

Forrest Simms created this masterpiece that I truly adore. Other than this dress giving a goddess appeal, it has a magnificent beading around the neck that gives an Egyptian theme to the dress. It gave a feeling of elegance and grace...love this one!

Brittany Morganti killed it with this design! Her collection displayed some of my favorite pieces from the whole show. All of her designs are 100% hand embellished and I was pretty much mesmerized in awe as each one went past. Her designs reminded me of something Queen Betsey Johnson would create, but it was still very different at the same time. I just loved all of the sequins and bold colors. I will definitely be keeping up with Brittany's upcoming designs!

So there were my favorites from the fashion show. Which designer is closest to your style? 



  1. I love the simplicity but the severity of that first dress. Just gorgeous
    So jealous you got to attend this!


  2. Nice post! I follow you via GFC, follow me back? x


  3. Love the straight cuts of the first two looks!


  4. These looks are amazing!


  5. great post :) the dresses so cute


  6. Love the Joanne Falce collections!

  7. Great post,the pieces are amazing.
    Love the third dress
    Keep intouch

  8. I really love the halter neck dress (in the third pic). That dress is giving me so much life right now, loool.
    I'm now following you on GFC. Please check out my blog and if you like what you see, follow me too :)
    http://louiseabenamensah.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  9. Nice images
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  10. Great photos!



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