DRESSing Up + Down with Dezzal

Friday, October 14, 2016

Coffee, fittings, hair/makeup, appearance, red carpet, eat, sleep, repeat... 

That is the life of as Teen Miss U.S. of America on appearance days and I love every moment of it. This same weekend I also found myself out-and-about in the city...what else is new? When I was picking out a few outfits I realized that I literally packed away some of my favorite dresses with summer clothes. I love a good dress whether it gives baddie or princess vibes, I'm feeling it. 


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

No one throws a party better than Teen Vogue, period. On BeautyCon eve, I was invited to attend a huge product launch for Neutrogena's brand new Light Therapy Acne Mask. Picture a venue full of It Girls, celebrities, and other important people walking around and socializing while trying on glowing, selfie-worthy pink masks. Three words: coolest thing ever. For those of you like me who aren't very familiar with light therapy, it is seriously the most ingenious thing created. It is definitely the next big thing for the skincare industry and the results are fabulous. The masks contain no chemicals or harmful UV lights whatsoever, only red and blue light technology. So, the red lights stop evil inflammation and the blue fights underlying bacteria. Personally, I've mentioned before that I don't really have acne, but a blemish is bound to happen ever so often, so the plan is to stop it dead in its tracks. Got me? I love the concept of using this mask for ten-short minutes each session because I can't deal with using a million different products. Nobody has time for that. Seriously, bless Neutrogena for staying on top of the game and keeping my skin clear.

Fall, is that you?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall is my favorite season, like you don't even understand. I'm just going to list as to why and hopefully you agree with me: fall fashion...duh, layering, cashmere, apple cider donuts, Disney Halloween movies, costumes, thigh-high boots, pumpkin picking, Columbus Day sales, holidays, perfect weather, foliage.......

Style FW S/S17

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fashion Month has been moving along and I would pretty much do anything to be at MFW right now, but Italy will have to wait because your girl has school. Instead I will bring it back to happier times at NYFW and recap what was happening at Style Fashion Week.

I had other shows and events before heading to SFW, and sadly I had to skip a few things. SFW stayed on my list since I heard fabulous things about the shows they put on. I always think I am capable of doing a million things in one day, but forget it's NYC and it is a guarantee that every taxi going past is already full or another event pops up that you want to go to so you have to run from SoHo to Midtown West like a crazy lady. What struggles. Then a blogging break is usually needed to check footage, so I decided at one point that I had to skip a party to regroup and have a scoop of gelato instead.