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These Shein joggers from are simply revolutionary I tell you (aaaand Shein's prices are insanely affordable). I live in joggers, so throwing in this little luxe satin twist makes it fashion. I've always had a soft spot for street style because it is guaranteed to be comfortable and for the most part there is not much styling involved.

I love throwing pieces together because why not. Black crop tops and white sneakers get you far in the world of basics, and the rest of the outfit can be the wow factor. Track joggers are evolving outside of the gym and I am 100% guilty of stocking up on them because they are so ridiculously easy to wear. This pink satin pair is super different from any others I've seen making them my newest obsession. Honestly years ago I probably would have never worn these because they seem risky for daily wear, but thank goodness I learned's not a risk, it's just fashion. 

 Feels before: lied to, betrayed, etc. Why? Because for years I have been trying lip products of all sorts (gloss, sticks, stain, mattes) and sure, many have been great, but I didn't realize how much I have been missing. One word: LipSense

LipSense is considered to be a long-lasting lip color (18 hours to be exact..CAN YOU BELIEVE?) that does not budge and is vegan/made with natural pigments. Imagine not having to touch up for hours...this is the life. I mean this to the point where you can vigorously rub your hand back and forth over your lips and the color isn't going anywhere. It's some type of magic, I'm convinced. Also, I'm sure you know by now that I am a fan of makeup that is also skincare, so I love that this contains cosmetic alcohol which is a great natural skin exfoliator and bacteria killer.  

With the starter kit you are given the essential trio: lip color, clear gloss, and remover. There are 36 shades in the collection and my current favorite worn here is caramel apple. Lemme tell you how this works:
1) begin with clean lips
2) apply 1-3 even coats (I'm wearing one coat in this picture and the pigment is so strong)
3) add the gloss to seal the color-which happens to be very hydrating and it will keep the color on all day
4) use the remover for any ooopsies 

The actual formula is like a very thin lipgloss, but dries matte. This shade particularly looks really natural and is a gorgeous rosy shade. I have a habit for wearing shades like this often, but LipSense is the first that I would easily give 10/10. Since it isn't sticky like a lipgloss, it feels practically weightless. Seriously though, the fact that this really stays on your lips like a stain is golden because who doesn't love the assurance that your lipcolor isn't going to flake, disappear, end up on your teeth, or whatever else.

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 It's Thursday meaning it is practically Friday meaning that I need to pick out two party outfits for this weekend. I'll be around at my modeling agency for an event, so I may just possibly do a bit of vlogging. If you haven't checked it out I did three videos so far on my YouTube channel, so go get a bag of chocolate covered almonds and watch! I'm still stuck with what I want to do with YouTube. I really enjoy watching vlogs and such that are real and not overly edited, so I think I'm gonna head in that direction. More videos are on the way!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Gamiss and all words, thoughts, and creative directions are all 100% my own. 
 When the inner pageant girl in me arises, I have a soft spot for anything frilly. So, lemme just try and bring peplum back because I seriously love this top, and this necklace pairs great with it. The pieces have a little bit of a vintage look to it which I appreciate. Not that this is authentic vintage, but I love when things speak for itself making it effortless. 

Wishing all of you a killer week! You've got this (fill in whatever "this" you are trying to achieve)...

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 On that Sunday when you have had the longest weekend and lack energy to put together a look, the only option left is to throw on a hoodie, leggings, and baseball cap, and call it a day. 

Yesterday was one of those out alllll day days where I was up at 6am to go to the city and managed to hit an Earth Day street fair, attend a grand opening, stop for ice cream like a three year old, head to a party, and then go to another party outside of the city. Everything went well, but guys my highlight is that I finally got to eat a poke bowl which is sorta like a sushi bowl if you didn't know. BEST THING EVER. Not sure why it took this long for the poke trend to get going, but it is so delicious. You must try y'all.

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