the life of a teenage fashionista


     Gossip Girl Fanatic. Shopaholic. Caffeine Addict....
Raquel Ringgold is a model and the reigning Teen U.S. of America 2016-2017. She took her fashion obsession and creatively turned it into something bigger by creating a blog a few years ago. This opened her up to a new world where she could creatively write to her hearts desire and has been on a roll ever since. She is also an equestrian, former Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador, and Teen Kids News reporter on FOX. Raquel truly believes in doing the things that make you happiest in life and looking back to realize how much she has accomplished gives her the determination to strive even further. Raquel is always up to a new adventure because this world is too amazing to miss a thing. It has become her goal to inspire others to be the person they dream of becoming no matter how crazy it may appear to be. Stay posted and stay fabulous! XOXO

OMNI: of all things


VOGUE: prevailing style or fashion at a particular time



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