#WFH Femme Luxe Edition

I'll just say it. Over this [almost] year of pandemic life I think I'm used to being trapped in the house and I'm not sure how to feel. I graduated from college, began grad school early, and uh now, will be complete with that in a few months. 

I've been enjoying the whole work at home, but make it fashion vibes across social media. Personally, I like being in bed for class disheveled from the neck down, but I have tried to make it a thing to put on real clothes just to vibe with normalcy. Femme Luxe spiced up my week with some trendy pieces. Each one is giving me all of the feels for summer and what will hopefully be an uphill on the state of the pandemic rollercoaster. 

Now let's go through these pieces, shall we...

1. Pink Mesh Floral Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress
THE SLEEVES. THE SLEEVES! I love that this pink bodycon dress is long sleeve, but mesh, so some breeze can go through it making it practically short sleeves, but long sleeves. 

2. White Polka Dot Mesh Sleeve Cuffed Crop Top
The cuuuutest. Pair this puff sleeve top with any color wash jeans, a little skirt, whatever. The versatility everyone needs.

3. Black Layer Mesh Ruffle Strappy Top
I am not sure if Carrie Bradshaw ever wore anything like this, but I felt her presence. The girly vibes on this funky black top keeps it chic and not like a child on Easter. 

4. Black Cape Extreme Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress
Trés chic, baby. I love a little black dress, but the cape sleeves on this one absolutely changes the game.




  1. Congrats on graduating from college and your accomplishments in grad school!
    You look absolutely stunning in every one of the four extremely fashionable and pretty outfits you styled featuring outfit pieces from Femme Luxe!!!!
    I especially love the wonderfully feminine pink bodycon dress with floral embroidered mesh sleeves and the zip-front mini-dress with cape sleeves.
    Best wishes for your Summer!

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  2. You are looking gorgeous in these outfits


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