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Monday, April 13, 2015

Flo Accessories

When traveling I like to be as compact as possible, even though I probably still bring too much with me. Hey, it's better to be safe than sorry! No matter if I am flying somewhere or just heading out for a day trip, I am always ready with quality essentials. I teamed up with Flo Accessories to try two of their on-the-go products. Before reviewing these products, I was familiar with the company from seeing their items retailing in Ulta and Sephora. They are highly reputable which made me super excited to see what they have to offer!

The 5ml Refillable Atomizer is great because you can easily pour or spritz any of your favorite perfumes into it. There is the option to clean it out and switch up your fragrance if wanted. It's perfect because it fits the liquid size carry-on requirement for airline traveling. This holds 77 sprays which is perfectly enough. The atomizer also screws very tight, so I feel completely comfortable with putting this in my bag unlike other styles of bottles. The one I here is silver, but it's sold in multiple colors for anyone's taste! I think it is the perfect bag essential to easily pop off the top, give a little wrist spritz, and go!

The Celebrity LED Mirror is so clever and chic! I love the black color and the width of the mirror is very sleek to fit into pockets. The LED lights were brighter than I expected and I loved that! The "on" and "off" switch is on the back for simple control. They are like vanity mirror lights in a compact size. The double mirrors are also great and crystal clear. It works great for quick makeup touch-ups when you are out along with letting you see yourself in different lighting. I recommend this to any glam girl on-the-go! 


  1. Love that LED mirror!

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  2. Love the mirror ! Must be so easy to check your makeup with those lights.

  3. I absolutely love atomisers, I have the Travelo but am looking for a replacement as it slightly leaks now so this sounds great. Love the mirror, so chic! :)


  4. it looks lovely,small enough to fit in a handbag

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  6. These products look amazing! I have never heard of them before but I'm for sure going to check them out. Really great post Raquel, very thorough review!


  7. Great article:) great job!
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  8. These little goodies are so clever for travel, and they're so cute! I kind of want one of those mirrors now! Mckenzie xo

  9. Nice post :)

  10. That mirror is really cool!!
    Andrea |

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