Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Couture Model

People seem to overlook the important requirements of being a model besides height, looks, stats, and everything else. Just like any other occupation, models have to be educated in the industry and know how to brand themselves as well as how to take care of themselves. A model can have the best agent, coach, and get bookings, but there has to be more to take it to the next level. Agencies like Couture Modeling only has models who are on the top of their A-game and unlike many other agencies who simply throw you into the industry, they guide and teach you the steps to grow as a professional model.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jewels for the Win

I'm just going to start with a gigantic Birkin bag sized apology to you all. I've been totally MIA lately, or as a like to say Missing In Armani, but school is officially over and I'm back and better than ever. Currently I am prepping for a ton of summer projects which I am super excited for and I'll be in NYC for a bit doing some fun stuff.

Whenever it is hot and I'm traveling I become the laziest dresser in the world. Bless white v-neck shirts and sandals. So huge shoutout to Born Pretty Store for the accessories to help a girl out. I'm sure you know by now that accessories, especially necklaces, are my go-to because why dress up when you can thrown some jewels on. In that case here are some examples of putting in zero effort in my outfits because bling always wins. You know I've always got you so use the promo code "MRYT10" on the Born Pretty Store website for a special discount, my treat.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Naked Goods

Get ready, we are stripping down to the bare minimum of skincare solutions. You know when your skin desperately needs a boost after being deprived of sleep and running on coffee 24/7. Yeah, sadly that needs to stop sooner or later. I was on the hunt for a few new items to help keep up with my on-the-go lifestyle and The Naked Goods must have heard me loud and clear because they sent a package of goodies. They are 100% natural, organic, and wildharvested, so you know every ingredient touching your skin. There is something so sketchy about a brand that can't blatantly tell you the truth about what is in their products, so I love that The Naked Goods tells it all.

But honestly isn't the packaging the cutest? Like I am the biggest sucker for presentation and they got me. Minimalism + Luxy Vibes = Happy Raquel. I could keep going on, but the actual important part is what is inside the containers. I received the face oil and lip butter which are both ah-mazing to say the least. 

The oil is just the perfect thing to keep you all glowy and refreshed. It's kind of a magic potion that makes you look like you just left the spa after getting a mud mask without going to the spa and getting a mud mask. The lip butter is totally worth it and it super long lasting. I'm talking about five plus hours of wear people and it is a really creamy formula. I've been using it by itself or under matte lipsticks which tend to get dry out quicker and the lip butter has proved to be a keeper. There is no petroleum and instead has ingredients that skin craves like castor and rose oils. Did I mention that the brand is also completely cruelty free? The Naked Goods seems to be too good to be true, but thank goodness it is true! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

16 Things Every Fashion Blogger Understands

Bloggers know that blogging is basically a lifestyle and I thought it would be fun to justify that with a round-up of the wacky (and worthwhile!) things we constantly do. 

1. Seeing an aesthetically pleasing wall and zipping across the street to use it as a photo backdrop.

2. Looking for restaurants with the most appealing setups and trendy foods (clearly just like trendy fashion, trendy food is a thing too).

3. Always seeking flawless lighting in random places.

4. Marble everything. Like are you even a blogger if you don't have a fond addiction with marble designs?

5. When your camera dies or memory card is full mid-shoot and you probably want to cry, but you remember your makeup is too good for that...alright that was a little too dramatic.

6. Elaborating on the last point brings me to the dilemma of constantly getting full storage alerts on your iPhone because you took a couple hundred pictures that day. Delete, delete, delete.

7. While we are on the topic of phones, you know when you've only been out for three hours and you already have a 20% battery because you've been uploading, responding, snapping, and everything else in between?

8. Replying to business emails and beginning posts even when you aren't supposed to be working just because you are trying to get a jump start for the next day.

9. Having friends all around the world who you are close with through the blogosphere, but have never met in real life.

10. Knowing about every single thing going on in the fashion industry like your first name is Vogue.

11. Being 100% shameless about taking pictures in some of the weirdest and wildest places. 

12. Trying to capture a walking shot across the street that looks natural right as the traffic light is about turn red. The things we do for that one shot. 

13. Knowing the struggle of trying to teach someone else to take pictures of you when your photographer isn't around.

14. Stalking and gawking over your favorite bloggers with no shame for hours wondering how they seem so blogger.

15. Even with having help, you still know how to handle everything from PR, to content development, and scheduling on your own..#GirlBoss

16. The challenge of perfect flatlays. Should I dare say more?

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Skin Secrets

Honestly mousturizing your skin is the one of the few things you can do to keep it ultra smooth and hydrated on the outside. Besides consuming lots of key nutrients (avocado toast, where you at?) and cleansing your body of toxins that lead to skin problems, it is sometimes forgotten that going from the outside in is pretty crucial too. I'm totally obsessed with drinking my detox tea everyday and I always take multi-vitamins even though I still get a pretty sufficient amount of nutrients in my diet. These two things have made such a big difference for me and I've been purchasing them for months and months now, and I'm one of those people who doesn't get hooked to products easy so that's actually saying something. I give them credit for helping me maintain healthy skin, but you gotta put in a little extra oomph (aka Simply Beautiful Collections) to get that radiating summer glow.

SBC kindly sent me their new all-natural Cotton Hand & Body Lotion to try out as a new item in my summer skincare routine and it has already stuck into my daily routine. This lotion is really nice because it isn't a sticky or greasy formula that makes you feel all icky. It is super light so you can use it and follow with sunscreen if you want without being weighed down. Also, it is fragrance free which I think is so important because I cannot stand super strong scented lotions that linger for hours on your skin, especially in the summer. Like there has to be some sort of chemical that doesn't belong on your skin in those fruity patootie concoctions. SBC is dermatologist approved and gentle enough to use on babies, so it is beneficial for basically any skin type. And for the best part, because it always gets better, it contains wheat germ oil and whey protein which is scientific code for making your skin firmer. Yes, yes, and yes.
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