Thursday, September 14, 2017

Teen Vogue x Millie Bobby Brown x Converse Event

In the midst of NYFW, I took a break from the usual shows and instead teamed up to do a rad collaboration with Teen Vogue, Millie Bobby Brown, & Converse. A handful of Teen Vogue It Girl's were chosen to represent the mag at the private event, so this past Saturday we all met up at the Converse store in SoHo, Manhattan, to do some cool things (or should I say Stranger Things...!)

It didn't take any time for Millie to head on out and join us downstairs at the Blank Canvas studio to design Converse. Before we arrived she spent time picking out her top ten sneaker designs. I've done DIY projects many times in my life, but there is nothing like DIY with Millie Bobby Brown by your side. I can't even begin to explain how adorable and infectious her personality is. Especially being in such a private setting, it was cool to see Millie just doing her thing without all of the cameras around. 

For what felt like the hardest life decision ever, I picked one of Millie's favorite designs featuring the NYC skyline and customized them on a pair of denim Converse with pink ring holes (which Millie was veryyyy happy about) and grey laces, oh and Millie's autograph on the inside. I can't wait for them to get delivered to me to see our final masterpiece. 

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