Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Travel Diary: Paris, France

HELLO. IT'S ME. This post has been way, way, way overdue but I am here from my long return. The where have I been recap is on ze wayOver the past six months I found myself more than ever and I began my year in the city I always talked about traveling to. Now that we have that settled, I am here writing underneath the glow of the moon because that's the only time words can clearly formulate in my never relaxing mind, but this post is going to be more pictures than words because that's really the only way I can explain Paris without rambling.

---   ---   ---

and to you europe, je t'aime, you have my heart, & i'll see you soon. thank you for enlightenment, city of lights.

in new york i hustle, in paris i reflected. in new york i dread rain, in paris i found appreciation. in new york i learn survival of the fittest, in paris i just learned. in new york neighborhoods separate cultures, in paris arrondissements unified the city. in new york one is engrossed in what the city has to offer them, in paris one seeks the light and ascertains what they have to offer back to the world.

the light stays fueled. curiosity harvests. and carries you anywhere else you desire.

de la tour eiffel au monde.
from the eiffel tower to the world.



  1. Oh my goodness! Your pictures are truly amazing and totally inspiring. It sounds like a life changing experience.

  2. I wish I can bring my whole family here. It's too stunning! Share us more!

  3. Lovely photos!I can't help staring at your pictures.

  4. Oh my..I would love to go there someday. Its really a nice place.

  5. Where every girls dreaming of. Its such a wonderful place. Please share more of these.

  6. Paris is known for art and fashion and its reflected on your photos. Nice!

  7. Wonderful photos. I love the one where you had the Eiffel Tower as your background.

  8. As I watch your video I can't help myself to get amazed with the famous places you went in Paris.

  9. Great photos and the places are so amazing. Wish I could visit there one day.

  10. Looks like an awesome place to have a vacation. Wonderful photos by the way.


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