Summer Bucketlist: Let's Talk Fashion

Summer fashion is almost at full force and I am so happy to celebrate Summer 2014 with a collaboration post with one of my favorite bloggers Glitter Berry! I am going to be sharing one half of the post which is all about fashion while Byrony's half of the post is all about favorite beauty trends of summer 2014, so make sure to go to her blog to see the other half after your read this one! 


So when it comes to summer fashion, I am in love with everything colorful and printed. This summer, my goal is to step out of my fashion comfort zone and try some styles that I usually would not wear. I am officially starting my summer by following my bucketlist and expanding my fashion horizons. If you want a style challenge for the season you can make your own lis or go ahead and try some of my ideas below!

  1.   Forever mix matched.

Something I have been trying to have a relationship with is mixing prints. My number one goal is to try doing this without the outfit clashing. This picture is my first try and I decided to match the polka dots of the cross on my shirt with the polka dot shirt. I really wanted to make this outfit exciting and a tad of a different time era, so I paired it with a different color heel as a fun look! I really love how bright this combination is and it screams youth and fun for sure. This is one of my favorites for sure! 

2. When high waisted shorts and crop tops take over.

High waisted shorts have been everywhere this season, and I mean everywhere. I don't think there are many places that haven't picked up the trend. These are my favorite pair at the moment because I love their bright shade of pink. You can pair almost any crop top with it! I just grabbed my first crop top and added pink pumps. I couldn't forget a nice statement necklace with some matching bangles! I love this trend because it is so easy and comfortable. You can wear this for so many different occasions and all of these items are very versatile!

3. Go fringe or go home.

Fringe is something that can look amazing and effortless like a bohemian goddess. Sadly, it can also make you look like you tried way too hard. The key to fringe is to make it that main focus of the outfit. If you go overboard with accessories, it just won't look right. The top that I have on has daisy straps and lining across the top of the shirt that adds a perfect makeshift accessory (FYI- Daisies have been hitting store racks everywhere, keep an eye on this upcoming trend!). I continued bucketlist #2 with the high waisted shorts just to keep this look a little conservative since the fringe is the main focus. Since the top is black, I was able to spice  it up with patterned shorts instead of solid ones!

4. Black is always the new black.

I actually don't think there will ever be a time within the next million years that any magazine will report the "black is the newest trend". Black colored clothing has always been my savior and I am sure many of you can relate. This color will always remain a staple in many closets. My LBD's and black stilettos have always held my back throughout my hardest fashion times. Even though bold colors have been raging down the runways, I still think that having a nice casual black dress is perfect for a nice summer night out. If worn with the perfect accessories, it can still be a hit. As a little girl, my obsession was head bands. Over the past few years, I have forgotten this phase, but I wanted to incorporate a few back into my wardrobe. The one I have on in this look is gold and matched my heels and leopard belt perfectly!

So there we have it! These are my favorite trends and ideas for summer 2014 and I know it will be the most glamorous summer ever. I am so anxious to try these new looks and make a splash. Tell me what look was your favorite or what's on your fashion bucketlist this summer! Have a fabulous weekend!

Make sure you go see the other half of this post by Byrony that will give you the inside gossip on all things beauty this summer. Check it out on Glitter Berry!



  1. Wow,such a great post.love the fringe style so beautiful
    Keep intouch

  2. I found your blog...very interesting..can we follow each other

  3. In LOVE with the second outfit, your look amazing. What did you take those photos with, they look great!


  4. Beautiful looks!!!
    Have a good week!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥♥

  5. Great looks! Really love the high waisted shorts!


  6. i love all the outfits you put together!!


  7. Great post! I love this year's trends, unfortunately I have to wait until December for Summer :P
    My favorite trend is high-waisted shorts+crop top :)
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  8. Wow, love this list! That polka dot skirt is so cute.

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  9. Love your skirt and high waisted shorts! Cute outfits!


  10. Great post.=) Love the polka dot skirt.


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