Kleenex Gone Designer

Designer tissues: a luxury find or a waste of time? I am a horrific allergy sufferer, so Kleenex is usually a must have on the grocery list. I am a baby for cute patterned boxes and that is when I saw the one. Kleenex by Isaac Mizrahi. Now as cute as his leopard handbags are, tissues were a new trend I never pictured. The tissue boxes were even the same patterns as his recent collection (and the box is a pretty nice room staple)! It is a very smart business idea if you ask me as it does catch a buyers eye, but what are you thoughts on the trend?



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  2. Haha, wow! I would never have thought designer tissue existed! I don't think I'd spend money on a box, but I see no problem with people who'd want to do that. Beyoncé uses special toilet paper!

    Raissa | http://theleatherfannypack.com


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