The Start of a LiLash~LiBrow Journey

Who doesn't obsess over long lashes and perfect brows? I literally think that it has taken over the beauty industry for 2015. Personally I am lucky to have pretty long and full brows. Genetics plays a role for sure along with a good lifestyle, healthy eating, exercise, and taking daily vitamins. In all honesty though, volume is somewhat harder to come by. I guess that is the whole concept of just wearing mascara, fiber lashes, or falsies, but there is nothing better than just having them naturally. 

I have recently connected with a company that has created a physician formulated eyelash serum and eyebrow serum. LiLash and LiBrow has been known for being a miraculous product and I am truly curious into seeing for myself if it will enhance my lashes and brows. Application wise, the demi size is a three month program that you apply using an eyeliner style application to your lids daily. For the brows, it gets applied straight along your arch.

I received the products in the mail, even though the postal service had me going on a whirlwind trip as they delivered it to the wrong house even though the package was labeled correctly by 100% correct by LiLash! I ended up becoming a private eye and tracking it down to a house on my own because the mail people were driving me nuts and opened up a slow investigating which could take over a week. Thank the Heavens that the lady who got it was super nice and it was handed right to me! The packaging is stunning and I love the compact they included as a little bonus. The two serums are also in there in the box along with thorough instructions. I also took note that the product is Made in the USA which is a definite plus for me as I am very into buying local. Also thank you LiLash for the ah-dorable hand-written letter!

Clearly I am excited to start this whole simple process and I will be posting a follow up in a month that includes a before and after. Products of this kind can be costly, but we spend so much on blowouts and color treatments that lashes deserve a little extra boost. I'm really looking forwards to some fabulous end results! 



  1. great products! the packaging look amazing
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  2. I love the packaging, so glamorous! I can't wait to read an update from you after you have used this product for a little bit. It sounds really interesting!


  3. Very pretty packaging! Thanks for sharing!


  4. lovely products! the packaging is amazing!
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  5. Great post, the packaging looks so elegant.

  6. Good luck girl! I used babe lash and I LOVE it!

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  7. This sounds lovely, the packaging is so cute! ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  8. This sounds so interesting. Nice review.
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  10. great post, this looks like a fab product!



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