With summer edging from around the corner something that I think is extremely important is skincare. Most people conclude that the only thing necessary for a nice body is a toned waistline. I think that healthy, radiant skin is even better though. Recently I have been so pleased using a dermatologist formulated skincare line line. Thank you Sebamed for gifting me two awesome products that I've been testing out over the past weeks! 

Something that I have learned about from chemistry, but never really connected with my skin until now is pH balances. Healthy skin has a balance of 5.5 and so should all of your skin care products. Every single Sebamed product has a 5.5 pH to ensure that your skin stays as healthy as it deserves. If a skin care product has a balance that is too low (acidic) or too high (basic), it can wear down your skin. Who would have thought that chem would help me with understanding beauty products? 

Over the past few weeks I have been using Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion and Hand and Nail Balm. I really like these products because you don't need much of it to go a long way. A dime size drop can literally be enough for your whole arm and it's thin enough to spread easily. Both lotions are great because it leaves skin with a soft, pretty glow. It absorbed into the skin fairly quickly and it is not greasy one bit! Using it in the summer will be perfect because the fragrance is very light and has that "I just hopped out the shower" scent going on. My skin has been so soft, like baby soft since using this stuff!


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  1. These sound fantastic! I love that there is a nice light scent - and that it works well. Nothing better than that!


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