Visiting Cosmo

Sorry I have been a little M.I.A. these past days. I have a totally acceptable reason though! I have been studying precollege fashion journalism at F.I.T. for the past few days. I can't even explain the amount of things I have been studying and learning. 

Today was a major check off the bucketlist because we went on a tour of Cosmopolitan magazine at Hearst Corporation. It was literally everything I imagined and more; from the boardrooms that has the perfect NYC view to the fashion closet filled with designer clothes that my favorite celebs wore on the covers. 

The entire staff was extremely genuine and kind! Learning from the editors themselves was fantastic and they answered any questions about the industry during the meeting. I really took notice to how many creatively driven people it takes to run such a high profile, successful magazine!



  1. I took a summer class a FIT last summer, and learned so much! I can't imagine how cool that must have been to visit the Cosmo offices. What a great opportunity!



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