Auto Immune Metro Style Fashion Show

A special message from the owner behind the fashion show and CEO/founder of Sabre' INC: "I Sabre’ Thank you for your time and consideration. My goal and mission is to share my remarkable story to the world. Auto Immune Metro Style means a lot to me, and the people around the world who suffer, from an auto immune disease. I am trying to make a difference, with the help of great and knowledgeable peers … I am delighted to say I will be able to announce and spread the word as I have been doing for the Last 7 Years!  I will overcome my fear and deliver a testimony like no other as I unveil that I to, have an Auto immune disease, called "Graves”.  If I can put a smile on a child’s face for one moment, erasing the memory of being stuck … Or give that Special Child a toy, or a friend a hug, speak with Congress, research cures I will search high and travel low to make a difference until God calls me home!"

Saturday I was in Midtown Manhattan attending the Auto Immune Metro Style Fashion Show. This show was nothing like any other fashion show I attended in the past. It not only had some of the best children fashions I've ever seen, but I became more aware about the importance of finding a cure for auto immune diseases. 

From the hilarious hosts to the talented performers, I really enjoyed this one. I also won a charm bracelet from The Glitzy Girl which I am loving. I bought five new charms for it already!  

While I was there I even got to meet a ton of amazing people including Madeline Stuart, the beautiful teen model with down syndrome. She is a social media superstar and this girl is going far! 
The show started out with all of the fabulous girls from Six in the City. Their show is so cute, so make sure you check it out on YouTube. You've probably already seen the girls in different campaigns and commercials!

Above is the first collection on the runway, Bound by The Crown Couture. They have very chic pieces that are still comfy enough for kids. As I sat in the front row, I wanted to buy every single garment that went past me on stage because they were all so fabulous. Susanna Paliotta, from one of my favorite reality shows Game of Crownsdid such a fabulous job showcasing the collection. 

The Princess Kingdom was a such showstopper. I love all things tulle and glitzy-this line really embraced that. Each model had a different pair of embellished Converse that was totally blinged out. Too cute!

The extremely talented duo known as the JMGBOYZ performed and I was blown away. I had the chance to talk to them and they are the sweetest little boys. You may have seen them recently on your TV screens because they are taking over the industry. Their hip-hop music has a great inspirational message, while still featuring an awesome beat and clean lyrics. 

The show continued with Alycesaundra Lyerly, the 8 year-old fashion designer. This talented little girl is known from Toddlers & Tiaras and now she is working on fashion. She will go far for sure! I specifically liked the way the clothing draped and the detailing. 

One of the models for this line was McKenzie Carey, the YouTube sensation. My mom and I had the opportunity to speak to her sweet family and they are such amazing people. McKenzie has mitochondrial disease, but that has not stopped her from doing what she loves including being a pageant queen. Her viral video dancing with her daddy is the sweetest thing in the world and she has become of of my inspirations.

Lastly, Snooty Booty is a kids and teens collection that was phenomenal. Every piece was so unique and it is obvious how much work goes into it. I loved the prints used and the many different styles for every personality. 



  1. Wow, they're all super cute! Glad you had fun :)

    PS - I'm so glad I just stumbled upon your blog! Followed <3

    Ivana | Block of Beauty

  2. I’ve been on holiday for the past month and have really been
    looking forward to reading your blog when I got back- it definitely didn’t
    disappoint! xx


  3. This sounds like it was a wonderful show! The kids are all so adorable. And the clothes look stunning as well!

  4. awesome!!
    I love events like this <3
    have a great day :)

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  6. This seems like such a great event, I'm all about supporting brands who support other causes! I really liked your round up of the whole show. Great post!


  7. What a beautiful, uplifting post and such a fab event. Things like this are so important for raising awareness for such great causes!


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  11. I also won a charm bracelet from The Glitzy Girl which I am loving. I bought five new charms for it already!


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