Black Tap NYC

Yes. I am honored to say that I have tried the famous milkshake that has been all over your Instagram feed and every single news station. My mom and I are foodies and Black Tap had to be the best restaurant experience that we ever had from the delicious food to the genuine people. We made it a point to take a break between NYFW events to check Black Tap off my bucketlist and they had me hooked as soon as I took a step into the door. 

We arrived for lunch at the restaurant tucked away in SoHo (they also have a location in the Meatpacking District) and was instantly greeted to come on in. Upon entering you feel instantly at home and cozy with the quaint ambiance featuring a bar setup and stools along a long counter. The server immediately greeted us and due to the compact size of the restaurant, it gave a very personal and friendly feel like you are in your own kitchen. We also quickly bonded with the guests sitting next to us who traveled hours just to try the shakes!

The menu is pretty All-American with burgers and fries being their specialty, so that's what we went with and the food came out extremely quick after ordering. The fries were cooked to perfection without being overdone or having too much salt. You can easily tell that the burgers were made of high quality meat. Mind you that I am very picky with the kind of meat that I eat, but I had no complaints whatsoever! It had the perfect flavor and it was cooked just right. They have many types of burgers and add-ons to pick from, so there is a little something for everyone. 

Let's just jump into the important part that makes the experience completely unforgettable. Everyone I know has been talking about this since it has gone viral, so I was super curious if it was going taste as great as it looks. Currently there are three milkshakes offered that are all unique and very photogenic. I opted for the Sweet n' Salty, the ultimate peanut butter meets chocolate combination. Take candyland and place it in a cup...there you will find pure bliss and a perfectly balanced mix of Sweet n' Salty. I'm not sure if it's possible, but it may even taste better than it looks and it's pretty darn gorgeous! 

Even though the food was everything, I was overly impressed with their hospitality. The manager made sure we were pleased with everything and even the talented people making the shakes chatted with us. The funniest part had to be the our great waiter who assisted as our milkshake photographer. First is the pictures of the shake itself, followed by picture of you and the shake, and finally a picture of you sipping the shake. Then you go through your camera roll and pick the perfect shot to showoff and tag @blacktapnyc!

Thank you Joe, Fred, our server, the milkshake artists, amazing chef, and entire staff for fabulous service! Everyone went above and beyond. All restaurants should operate like Black Tap with a cordial staff, tasty food, and Instagram worthy milkshakes. If you are heading to NYC, this is a hype that is totally worth it.


  1. I will keep this place in mind when I visit NYC :) This review was great to read, I find a hospitality of a place important and it makes an entire experience much happier :) xx Maja

  2. WOW! how have I not heard about this? This looks INCREDIBLE!!!!

    Sound like you had a great time!


    Hannah x

  3. that milkshake looks amazing! great photos.

    you look really pretty.


  4. Pretty sure this post could not look any more delicious!



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