How to Get Into Modeling

Throwback to being a HV Parent Cover Kid!
Over the years I have gotten the constant question of how to go about the modeling industry. It is a big world with many sub-categories underneath the term "model". Runway, commercial print, promo, editorial, fit, catalog, and so on. I've been modeling since I was a kid, so I feel like it's almost become my lifestyle. I thought it would be useful to gather a little bit of advice for stepping into the industry for any prospective models in the making.

  1. DO NOT..I repeat do not...give thousands of dollars to modeling schools claiming they are affiliated with major networks and agencies. Reputable agencies do not charge you because after all modeling is a job and you should be getting paid. At first you do need to invest some money in a couple of photoshoots to develop a comp card which a necessity as a model. Otherwise, you shouldn't be paying fees.
  2. Finding jobs on your own can be a challenge, so finding representation is a good idea. Look for reputable agencies (check reviews!) in your nearest major city and submit online or attend an open casting call. You want to submit completely natural pictures of yourself meaning no makeup, hair pulled back, and fitted clothing. This lets them see you as a "blank canvas", so they know what they have to work with. Also, know your body measurements by heart to make things easy when submitting.
  3. Through modeling I have networked with many other models, photographers, makeup artists, etc. It is a very competitive industry, but I've made so many business connections and great friends along the way.  
  4. Do not let rejection scare you away. Every single model most likely has one or more disappointing experiences. Just remember that there are tons of opportunities waiting for you in the future. Every modeling job has different criteria for the campaign, so just because you weren't picked doesn't mean they didn't like you. They could have just easily needed a girl with different physical features.
  5.  I obviously love modeling, but currently I keep it as a hobby. Making modeling is a full time job is very difficult, but of course it is possible. I have a ton of other interests and I'm a student, so full time modeling isn't ideal for me.
  6. The best thing about the modeling lifestyle is that you are always striving to be the best version of yourself. You learn to grow out of your shell and gain confidence which will help you in all areas of life. It is so important to be physically fit and well maintained. If you haven't done so already, begin looking into a simple skincare routine to keep you in tip-top condition.
  7. Just like a sport, you need to practice. Trust me it seems silly at first, but practicing facial expressions in a mirror will make such a difference. When walking down a runway, every part of you body is moving. Having you hands too stiff can make you look angry. Having your head too low can make you look nervous. Taking very large steps can look unproportional. Get the picture? Watch fashion shows on YouTube or look at model poses in your favorite magazines for inspiration. Every little motion matters when modeling, so turn the music up loud and get practicing.
  8. Just because you are not super tall does not mean that you don't have a chance. Extremely tall models are usually placed into the high fashion runway and editorial categories. Commercial print models contain models of all heights, sizes, looks, ages, and ethnicities. There is definitely a category for you and I guarantee that you will succeed if you are determined.


  1. Wow! This is a very informative post Rachel, I myself was a model for 6 years. It's really something I used to dream when I was a kid. I think everything is well covered, I love the last part, "just because you are not super tall does not mean that you don't have a chance". This is what I also believe in, I have so many friends who are pretty but not really tall but does make it in modeling on print ads. This post is well crafted i must say :) Thanks for sharing Rachel! This will inspire aspiring models to go out on their shells. My daughter will soon to be :) haha

    Rica | www.sassycebuannachic.com

  2. I totally agree that there is no need to spend money on modeling schools.
    Every talent its discovered sooner or later:)

  3. Well, I'm definitely not model material but this would be so helpful for any aspiring models out there. It always makes me so sad when I read that people have spent hundreds on a portfolio and "agency", I hope lots of young girls see this hun!


  4. great tips ,
    Modelling here is not easy,just so much favourism
    I tried it once and just gave up


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