Spring Essentials with Makespace

Spring cleaning. A phrase that gives me mixed feelings because I love organizing, but as a total OCD freak everything needs to be perfect. Once I head to the basement to get last years spring clothing together it's usually wrinkled or musty therefore I have to clean everything that was once clean when I packed it away. Sigh. But fear no more fellow fashionistas! If you feel my pain I discovered a cool alternative called MakeSpace that may just fix your problem. It's a storage service that comes to your house, picks up your clothes, and holds it for as long as you like. Whenever you want something back you can let them know on the app and it can be delivered back to you same-day. They currently have a ton of locations listed if you ever need their handy assistance. Pretty cool, huh.

As usual in the beginning of the month I can be found picking outfits for upcoming events. I keep reusing certain items which I just decided to label as Raquel's Sassy Spring Essentials. They include:

1) White Jeans ~ Chic, white jeans are a total pick-me-up to any outfit. Anyone can rock skinny jeans and it is always nice to wear white as the center of an outfit.
2) A Denim Dress ~ Wrap dresses and button-downs are so easy to pull-on no matter what the outing is. Denim is such a flattering material and it is easy to accessorize around. Bring out all of your favorite belts and boho jewelry for this one!
3) Trendy Sneakers ~ It annoys me when people say they refuse to wear sneakers outside the gym because I adore them for anytime. Obviously sneakers are an essential year-round, but recently they have been sported down the runway for top designers more frequently. That means there is no excuse to find the perfect pair no matter if you are Team Nike or Team Chanel (or you can have the best of both worlds!)



  1. This is an awesome way to store stuff! Going to check it out now... Thanks for sharing! =)

    - Cielo

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  3. Spring cleaning! That phrase drives me crazy. Nice service, but I doubt they can keep up with my changing mind. I still use my old fashion basement.

  4. looks great !
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  5. Totally feel you on the whole mixed feelings thing, but love it non the less!



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