June 2016 Obsessions

Summer is here and the heat is killer, but honestly I don't even mind. I've been in NYC and I managed to get get a summer cold that fast (I blame the bacteria filled subways), but I got rid of it in lightening speed by drinking over a gallon of water and a nice Netflix day well spent on the couch. That is the cure for anything and everything people. In that time I wanted to share my June favorites because I haven't done one in forever, so cut the intro and here we go.

1) Favorite Beauty Product...As you know when I find a solid product that  works well I become so faithful to the brand and pretend I am the brand ambassador or something. Mama Nature sent me the Let's Get Fruity Rejuvenating Skin Peel which has to be some sort of wizardry in the best way possible. This was my first peel and I really don't think that I can ever go back from this moment in time. Like I swear to you. There is nothing better than a product that you can actually feel working and pulling the toxins out of your skin. Almost like what you would feel with a medicated or peppermint scrub that you can feel activating. It goes on as a creamy liquid and dries onto your face where you want to leave it on for a bit giving you enough time to embrace your inner Blair Waldorf and read the latest issue of Vogue while sipping a caramel macchiato. Then rinse off and boom, my skin was visibly brighter and definitely smoother as well. I've used it so many times through June and my skin has been so balanced lately. Instead of having those "I'm having a good skin day..hallelujah" moments I've actually swapped that with "I had a amazing skin month." Best. Feeling. Ever. An item that I am willing to repurchase is always a 10/10.

Photo Credit: nOMad
2) Favorite Event...Like the yogi that I am, I was front and center at Long Dock Park in Beacon, NY for the nOMad Summer Solstice sold-out event this June. In a zen-fashion over 100 beautiful people did 108 sunrise salutations together to celebrate. Initially I thought it was going to be more stretching less sweating, but it turned out to be one of the best workouts I ever had. I really got into it and the positive vibes was amazing. A ton of Hudson Valley yoga studios joined together for the event and it was such a great community circle. I'm psyched for next year already. 

3) Favorite Guilty Addiction...cookie dough, cookie dough, cookie dough. The edible egg-free kind in a jar that won't give you salmonella! I discovered Cookie Dough Cafe while back grocery shopping and sadly (but gratefully) it is a minor addiction. All of my hard detoxing went out of the window real fast, but c'mon it was simply a few spoonfuls. 

4) Favorite Exhibit...my class went on a field trip to Chelsea Market to see the latest fashion exhibit L'Eleganza del Cibo which combines my two favorite things in the world: fashion and food. The collection is such a fresh view on consumerism plus the range of designers from emerging to top names presented so much creativity. The spaghetti and fork necklace was fabulous and not just because I was hungry when viewing it. Noodle-jewelry makes me think of my three-year-old fashionista self, but this piece is the modern and mature version that makes a chic statement.

5) Favorite Book...How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are has made me realize that I am far from being Parisian nor do I wish to reach this difficult to achieve it. Huge congrats if you can fit the lifestyle, but I like to break the mold. Let's just say that the view of a Parisian is simply effortless, but it takes more work that you will ever know to reach that level. Yet I do recommend that you read this and I guarantee it will help you channel your best Parisian qualities. 

au revoir mon amour... 


  1. Nice post! :) I'd like to read the book, too, it's on my list. :)

  2. Lovely list of obsessions! Thank you for sharing this! Yoga session is on my list now!

  3. Beuatiful picture.

    Love from Prague.

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