Status: Feeling Motivated

Jeans and a bodysuit are becoming my new uniform and I like it. This bodysuit is a little bit more on the sparkly side, but who knows the party might start earlier in the day. Zaful just keeps on keeping on with the trends. Speaking of keep on keeping on; I just brought the song Motivation back into my playlist and hence the title I'm thrilled, ecstatic, relieved, etc. that there are only two months of school remaining. It's out with the old and in with the new (not a High School Musical pun at alllll).

I've been overly inspired lately and thank goodness because I have lots of plans for Omnivogues, along with life in general. Living the que sera sera life is great, but making a general outline will smooth things out through the process. Eh what am I saying, que sera sera my darlings.

xoxo Raquel

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Zaful and all words, thoughts, and creative directions are all 100% my own. 

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