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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winter Gala Art Showcase

Yesterday evening I was invited to attend an art and live music exhibition at Teran Studio in Newburgh, New York. I totally fell in love with how the art was composed by the artists, with some being constructed of the most clever materials. Studying each piece tells such a distinct story and some even have hidden illusions if you look close enough. There is something great about a piece that just stands out from the rest due to the motivation behind it. The attention to detailing in particular also adds a unique touch. Isn't visual art something else?  

Something that truly captures my eye is because it is completely original. I adore artwork that I can picture displayed in my home. Specific detailing, three-dimensional figures, and Zentangle are a few of my favorite styles to come across. Involved with every work of art is the viewer deciphering it, which is the best part. A personal interpretation will vary from person to person and that just shows how differently creative minds process. There can be complete conspiracy between the intentional meaning and the physical standpoint that we view. This is where the magic all comes in!

Ruben M. Rivera
Rick Rogers
Terri Vargas
Erika Joy Walker

Alissa Corrado
Will Teran, owner of Teran Studio


  1. I am so glad that you were able to go! And the artwork is absolutely fantastic. I especially love the Rick Rogers pieces. They are incredible.

  2. Amazing artwork!

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  3. Gorgeous exhibit. I love the monochromatic nature of all of the work! Even though the subject matter is so different it all ties together very nicely.


  4. Oh, everything there looks absolutely amazing! ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  5. All of these pieces are fantastic! What a wonderful gallery to get the opportunity to attend!


  6. Really awesome exhibition!

  7. wow incredible! I love your blog ! I followed you , hope you will follow back :)

  8. Nice post! Your blog is lovely!

  9. such a nice post. this artwork is beautiful! x

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  10. amazing place!

  11. Amazing <3

  12. Great art!

  13. Great article and thank you for posting one of my pieces!

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