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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Drumroll Please

Notice something really different? 
Haircut? No. New handbag? No. Did you get taller? Well, I hope so (one more inch until 5' 8")! 
Okay, I am sure you are tired or guessing, so let's just get to it. Kudos to you if you noticed already!

I am so exited to announce that the new blog design just launched this week and I hope you love it as much as I do. I wanted to improve reader navigation and allow the new design to be brighter and chic. Also, the mobile version has been released for easy reading on-the-go!

While I am on the topic of great news it is a new year with a new pageant system. I am so excited to now hold the title of Teen Miss New York! I am counting down the months to this summer when I will compete at nationals and get to meet all of the other national royalty. I am thrilled to begin making appearances and to be part of such a great pageant family. Preparing for nationals is definitely a long process, but it is extremely rewarding and fun. May the reign begin!


  1. Your new blog design looks absolutely gorgeous hun. Also, huge congrats on being Teen Miss New york, how incredible!


  2. This is fantastic news, congratulations. I'm sure yo're thrilled! I love your new blog design by the way!

  3. I absolutely love the new blog design! It's so cute. Congratulations on being Teen Miss New York!


  4. So you did change something. Who could guess? Congrat it looks nice.

  5. Love your Blog! It's really nice!


  6. I love your new blog design, it really looks nice and also huge congrats on being Miss Teen New York :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  7. Love it it's gorgeous!


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