Happiness and Haute Chocolate

I'm a very punctual person leaving me utterly lost without my calendar. My iPhone is like my personal assistant that is constantly reminding me what to do and where to go. I still enjoy writing certain things down though and my 100-day Happiness Planner is the perfect place to do so. Can we just discuss how gorgeous the color of this planner is? I'm very into aqua, so this is right up my alley. It is so cute, and so me. Thanks for the present Mo!

For starters, I'm am really into quotes and this planner has a lot of them. The whole idea of it is to help you with self-reflection and finding positivity each day. Questions are asked to allow you to discover all of the blessings you have to be grateful for and to accomplish future ambitions. I've never seen another interactive planner, so this is now a must for me. 

Everyday there is a section to plan out exercises, food, what you're excited for, goals, scheduling, to-do's, daily reflection, and wishes for the following day. This planner doesn't miss a beat! At the end of each week there is a section to evaluate improving your life by listing new goals and rewards. These planners make the sweetest gifts for you BFF's or if your New Year's resolution went a little downhill (or is still in the process of beginning), you can always begin fresh with new goals and a motivating planner.



  1. That planner looks wonderful! I love the idea of writing down reasons to be grateful and things you want to accomplish.

  2. All I see in every blog is some kind of planner. I feel bad for not investing in one! Maybe I really shoud, it could contribute to making my life a little more organized I suppose haha.

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