A Day in the Life

Even though you know I love to share my fun weekend adventures, during the week I still endure the typical life of the American teenager. This includes trying to decipher the life game while completing hours and hours of homework simultaneously. College prep school is something else, but I actually love the challenge. Today I thought I would switch it up and give you a brief glimpse of my average weekday routine.

I'm up and moving by six in the morning to get ready for school. I go through my unnecessarily drawn-out process of getting ready which honestly should not take so long. Mind you that I wear a uniform to school, so I really have no excuse here. I waste time by slowly drinking hot tea and just sitting in front of my vanity staring into space contemplating my thoughts. I finally get it somewhat together before grabbing something to eat and heading to escuela.

Usually by Thursday I worked on finishing up long term homework assignments and studying during the week, so I usually don't have such a huge pile. This worked in my favor today since I had one of my Fashion Ambassador meetings for Nordstrom this afternoon. Today's unit was all about self branding which was really fascinating. I have meetings ever so often and they are always fun to attend and get to chat with the other Ambassadors. 

After the meeting I had to stop to grab a bite at the lovely café in Nordstrom. Truly one of the best pieces of chocolate cake the I have had in my existence. Even though I would love to just live in Nordstrom, I came back home at a decent time to finish up any last bits of work, doing my night routines, and relaxing a bit before typing this post and hitting the hay.



  1. I always enjoy reading about others routines! That chocolate cake looks amazing!


  2. I do enjoy reading about other people's days! They are great for putting my own day into perspective! Sounds like you were productive! And ummmm, yes... cake!
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  3. I really enjoyed this posts, it was a great reading! It's very interesting read about others people's lifes! Hope you have such a lovely weekend! xx

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