NYFW: Blogger Packing Essentials

Guess what is two weeks away? Guess what is coming our way? Must be NYFW, Must be NYFW, Must be NYFW.....

The best time of the year is almost upon us and as glamorous as it may appear, the preparation can be stressful if you do not organize yourself ahead of time. You will be busy enough heading to shows, attending events, meeting new people, and posting all day, so the last thing needed is a migraine from a heavy Louis on your shoulder! Packing your bag before hand is great and will help you prepare faster during the week in the morning. This will guarantee that you will have a smooth running day. The way to have a successful NYFW is all survival of the fittest: come prepared, pumped, and professional.

the bag- You are totally welcome to switch up your bag daily to match your outfit or just carry the same black tote you adore. Whatever works best for you is great. I like to go for something that has multiple compartments and is easily accessible to grab an item quickly.

flats- Running throughout the Upper West Side for hours in stilettos will eventually pay its toll no matter how much your insole cushions cost! Grab a cute pair of flats for your in between spare time that can fold flat in your bag. You will feel so much better, trust me!

water- Hydrate, hydrate! I have a small obsession with fancy water bottles like this Tory Burch one in the picture. This almost bribes me to drink water more because I am in love with the bottle. Try it, it may work for you also!

snack(s)- I usually just grab a granola bar just in case hunger hits, but feel free to opt for whatever suits your fancy like almonds, a banana, etc. Keep away from messy snacks that may risk you ruining your top though. 

magazine/book- I commute down to NYC so I love to catch up on my magazines on the train. This also goes for taxi and subway rides. Book worm over here!

wallet- My MetroCard is always nearby along with Starbucks gift cards (frappé anyone)! I also make sure I have any tickets for certain events ready to go.

business card holder- Get ready to network and have your cards ready to exchange with other industry professionals!

sunglasses- With little sleep throughout the week, sunglasses are a great way to start out the day. Also it tends to be very windy in the city at this time and it helps block debris from getting into your eyes.

hand sanitizer- Well this should be a given as NYC transportation is not the cleanest of all things. Flu season here is also in full swing as well, so keep the germs away.

tinted lip balm- The cold is real right now and your lips will get chapped quickly. One of my favorite go-to items!

headphones- Just a nice thing to have during a taxi ride or long walk.

phone- Your phone is the true #1 necessity for NYFW. Between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, phone calls, texting, e-mailing, photographing, checking your calendars, and everything else, it is the lifeline!

charger- Well, please see above. Unfortunately the life of an iPhone for a blogger is not very long. Luckily, many locations for shows have charging stations where you can charge your devices.

external battery- Lost your battery heading downtown on the subway? No problem. An external battery is an easy solution, so make sure you have one. They are super inexpensive and a great backup. 

camera- Bloggers and cameras go hand in hand. Your job is to cover footage of the designers shows as well as capturing all of the festivities of NYFW. My Nikon is always nearby and ready to go. Make sure you double check your memory cards before you go!

laptop- I prefer to bring my smaller notebook laptop that is extremely lightweight and thin. This will give me the chance to start writing up all of my recaps for the day when I get time in between shows.



  1. I would love to go to NYFW! Love all your items to pack - I am in total agreement about the water, book, flats, and pretty much everything else listed!


  2. What a nice post! Everything look lovely ♥
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

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